Gambling State Treaty: DSWV calls for revisions

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Maximilian Deininger February 19, 2020

The American Sports Betting Association (DSWV) recently announced via the press release that there was a need for a revision of the Gaming State Treaty. Although the new version of the American Gambling State Treaty has not even been passed, there are already critical voices. According to the DSWV, improvements and revisions are essential. The gambling regulations would have to adapt to the changed circumstances on the gaming market, especially through the massively growing online gambling sector through digitization.

The American Sports Betting Association (DSWV) calls for various improvements from the Gaming State Treaty. ((© Otheronlinecasinos / Pixabay)

Changes are essential according to the association

Of the American Sports Betting Association (DSWV), responsible for the representation of all active betting agencies in USA, expressed his dissatisfaction with the new regulations of the Gaming State Treaty in a current press release. the Attractiveness of legal sports betting offers According to the association in the State Treaty (GlüneurStV) in the gambling re-regulatory contract, it must be significantly highlighted and increased. The President of the DSWV, Mathias Dahms, commented on the criticism in the following words:

“The GlüneurStV is a first step towards modern, market -compliant gambling regulation in USA. The contractual work loosens the previous strict prohibition policy in gambling which has proven to be ineffective in the digital age. In the course of political compromise, however, structural undesirable developments have solidified in GlüneurStV, which will present the future gambling regulation with challenges. ”

In addition, the president referred to the planned maintenance of the ban on live betting. This serves as warning exampleAfter all, the motivation and the risk that players could switch to illegal sports betting providers instead of the legal offers, where live betting continues to be offered. Here you have to go along with the illegal providers and remove the ban.

Sales figures in the American sports betting industry “The American sports betting industry has had steady growth for many years. The DSWV was only able to report new record numbers last week. Compared to 2018, sales again rose by around 21 percent to 9.3 billion $ . The increasing sales are to be justified with the greater presence as a sponsor at sporting events and the increased acceptance among the population. It remains to be seen whether the legal gray areas and unclear legislative regulations have a positive effect or whether clear regulation enables further potential by displacing illegal sports betting providers. ”

The President of the DSWV, Mathias Dahms, sees data protection as a further point of criticism. The planned monitoring of players with conspicuous or problematic game behavior in terms of player protection is not compatible with personal freedom. This “protective measure” goes too far. the Specifications in the State Treaty (GlüneurStV) would therefore have to be defused.

In addition to the sports betting, casino games should also be legalized

However, the changes to the Gaming State Treaty affect not only the sports betting sector, but also also refer to the online gambling game in online casinos or on online poker platforms. The most important planned changes include a monthly deposit limit of 1,000 $ per person, the blocking file that has already been mentioned for players with problematic playing behavior and the introduction of a new central supervisory authority of the federal states. This is intended to further legalize the online gambling game and make it easy and legally accessible for people in USA, at the same time the state hopes for the changes but also better control over the previously largely unregulated market.

The American Sports Betting Association also said a proposal with regard to the planned legalization of online casinos. With a transitional regulation, bookmakers should already be allowed, To be able to officially offer your online casinos. In any case, numerous illegal, foreign providers already have a combined, accessible offer from a sports betting portal and online casino. This step would continue to decrease the attractiveness of illegal providers.

Mathias Dahms from the DSWV hopes for the criticized criticism to rethink with those responsible. Many dangers could be eliminated with more flexibility in the contract. There are also so More options for reaction to the fast -paced technological development of the market. This is the only way to effectively regulate the industry in the coming years. However, it remains to be seen to what extent the DSWV’s criticism is heard among the authors of the law.