Gambling: EVZ for EU regulation

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Peter Brandt July 7, 2021

Online gambling in Europe should be regulated uniformly to protect the players from a gambling addiction. The European Consumer Center USA (EVZ) in an official press release on its website called for this. The reason for this offensive positioning is the official entry into force of the new American Gambling State Treaty (GlüStV) on July 1, 2021. In the opinion, the EVZ pointed out that despite the new GlüStV, foreign, non-licensed online gambling providers on the American, will position extremely lucrative market.

According to the European Consumer Center USA (EVZ), online gambling is to be regulated uniformly across Europe. ((©GDJ/Pixabay)

New Gambling State Treaty now valid

As a result of a long ratification process in the individual federal states the new American Gambling State Treaty (GlüstV) has finally been completely valid since July 1st. The new contract adapts to the circumstances on the American gaming market that are quickly changing in the course of digitization. The focus is particularly on the online sector, since this was previously in a legal gray area due to contradictory regulations between American, national law and EU law. Numerous foreign online gambling providers took advantage of this. But with that, or rather, it should be over.

Serious online gambling providers can, if they meet various requirements and regulations, Officially apply for a American lucky license And if you receive your offer, make your offer accessible to the American market. With the help of a player, regulated maximum inserts and maximum losses, players should not have to do without the game pleasure, but better protected from a possible gambling addiction – according to the theory.

Implementation of the new glowing is progressing slowly. In practice, however, it looks a little different. The changeover to the new regulation and the exclusion of non -licensed providers from the market has so far been progressing quite slowly. A transitional arrangement, which was introduced in October 2020, should facilitate the step towards the full fulfillment of all requirements and restrictions of the new GlüStV. However, most of them have not yet been implemented. In addition, online gambling providers from other EU countries such as Malta or Cyprus, who are known for their licenses for online gambling, continue to be active on the American market without restrictions. This fact will probably not change in the near future.

EVZ per uniform EU regulation

This is also well known to the European Consumer Center USA (EVZ), which is why Karolina Wojtal, co-manager & press spokeswoman of the EVZ, now turned to the EU countries with an appeal. One Uniform regulation of online gambling for all of Europe If it is therefore hardly to be avoided, consumers should be really effectively protected. It considers it very unlikely that this will happen in the near future:

“Against this background and also for functioning protection against gambling addiction, a uniform regulation of the online gambling desires would be worthwhile in Europe. If you consider that it took years for the American federal states to agree, but unfortunately this seems not very realistic. Here the ideas of the Member States differ even further. “Karolina Wojtal, Co-manager & press spokeswoman of the EVZ, Official press release from the EVZ

EVZ lawyer Alexander Wahl also hits a slightly different notch and refers to the legal gray area, which is not permitted in his view, which was previously considered an argument of the foreign online gambling providers. These refer to the Freedom of service within the EU. According to the election, the EU countries could do that Online gambling game If the public order and security endanger as well as health protection. This also confirms the predominant view of the courts.

Significant criticism of the new state agreement

The new GLASSTV is now valid and changes the American online gambling market remarkably. For example, 5.3 percent sales tax must be paid from online gambling providers for online slots and online poker offers. It is not surprising that companies are anything but enthusiastic about it. However, criticism also comes from American Association for Telecommunications and Media e.V. (DVTM). This also sees a danger to player and consumer protection in the additional sales tax, since the gaming companies Reduction of payout rates would redistribute to the players to stay competitive on the market. This in turn leads to frustration among consumers and players, who would most likely switch to the black market in the next step.

Due to the additional tax rate of 5.3 percent, a player canalization of around 88 percent, as is to be achieved by the new GlüstV, is almost impossible. Rather dignity The proportion of it is very likely to fall under 50 percent, the association announced with reference to various studies. The desired player protection would be anything but achieved. The next few months will be able to clarify the first quarterly reports of the online gambling providers at the latest.