Gambling in Denmark continues to boom

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Peter Brandt February 26, 2020

The Danish gambling supervision has published pleasant figures in the recent annual report. The gross sales of the entire industry have increased again. The Danish authority called Spillemyndigheden presented the figures of the past financial year in the Gross Gambling Revenue (GGR). In addition, the analysis also proves that Danish players are increasingly playing in online casinos-a trend that can be observed in almost all European countries.

Not only the roulette ball rolls in Danish casinos, but also the proverbial ruble. Because gross sales have increased again. ((©ASSY/Pixabay)

Gambling in Denmark since 2012 on the upswing

As in some things, Denmark is one step ahead of its neighboring country USA. After all is Gambling here since 2012 legal -also for non-state providers. For eight years now, Danish and foreign casino providers have been able to officially offer their games of chance in the country.

“Spillemyndighed or The Danish Gaming Authority is the Danish regulatory authority, which works on behalf of the Danish tax administration (SKAT). The Danish gambling authority is responsible for securing a proper and regulated gaming market in Denmark. The Danish tax administration, on the other hand, conducts the registration of the license holders and their examination and management of gambling duties. ”

However, the condition for this is a national gambling license, which is issued by the Danish gambling supervision, provided the respective applicant meets all requirements. If this is not the case, the provider is put on the “black list” and the associated website is technically blocked so that it can no longer be called up within Denmark. This is implemented by IP and payment blocking systems.

“Denmark, so to speak, pursues an innovative strategy to prevent illegal gambling: there are fixed framework conditions, but these are flexible in detail. Thus, the Danish gaming market grows particularly quickly and the competition is large. Illegal providers usually have no economic chance of survival at all. There are currently around 40 illegal online casino providers on the famous black list. ”

The strict gambling legislation, it seems, has no too negative effects on the Economic development of the industry. Im Annual report 2019 has confirmed the SpillemyndighedenThat the gross game sales that have been generated by gaming companies in Denmark have also risen again in the past twelve months. Already in the years before, there was a constant increase in income.

Large proportion of online casinos

According to the annual report of the Danish gambling supervision, the Gross game yields of the entire gaming industry in 2019 to 6.556 billion DKK, that is the equivalent of around 878 million $ . In the previous year comparison, this means an increase of 1.5 percent.

This confirms the trend that started in 2012 after legalization of the Danish gambling industry. Since then the Danish gaming market has been a total of almost 57 percent grown, the gross games are regarded as a reference value.

“The success of the Danish gaming industry is no accident. As the only Scandinavian country, Denmark de facto did not do any national restrictions, so that international providers can also work very flexibly on the Danish market. There are currently around 30 different online casino providers in Denmark. Danes prefer slot machines above all. They make up around 60 percent of total sales on the Internet every year. ”

It is also interesting, among other things, that online casinos or gambling through mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular in Danes. In 2019 Almost 36 percent of total gambling sales on online casinos. A good 21 percent contributed land -based casinos. However, sports betting – land -based and on the Internet – can still claim the largest value compartment. Surprisingly, there was a slight minus of almost one percent in the previous year.

More and more self -conclusion from Danish players

In addition to the positive economic developments, the annual report also became clear that the number of Danish players who exclude themselves from gambling, gradually increases. In the meantime, a good 21,000 Danes are registered in the national self -closing register “Rofus”, 76 percent of which are men, 14,500 people have been permanently excluded. The other names opted for a temporary exclusion.

But this number is not necessarily negative to understand, but shows that too The Danish addiction prevention system works. In 2019, almost 1,900 s with the Danish aid organization StopSpillet were also registered.

Experts believe that the Danish strategy in terms of gambling regulation and addiction prevention too A role model function for other countries could take. Should that Development in the Scandinavian country Confirming in the coming years, Denmark could actually play a pioneering role.