Gambling advertising for the EM

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Maximilian Deininger 16. June 2021

The Gaming Association EGBA wants to rely on responsible advertising for the European Football Championship. As the institution recently announced on its website, all members have agreed to have the advertising and marketing activities monitored and controlled by third parties during the European Football Championship. Specifically, it is about the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA), which will put all gambling and sports betting providers to the test.

EASA control also refers to the advertising activities of bookmakers and online casinos on social networks. ((© Simon/Pixabay)

Code of Conduct of the EGBA

According to the EGBA, the advertising behavior of the sports betting providers and online casino operators is measured on the regulations of the internal code of conduct. The control phase started on May 20 and should continue until July 20. Since the European Football Championship will take place between June 11 and July 12, the surveillance period of advertising activities also falls into the tournament process. The EGBA said in its published report that the Advertising control of the members is an important part of quality assurance be. It is only possible to raise the standards within the industry through responsible marketing.

Absolutely. The European Gaming and Betting Association is a trade association based in Brussels that represents the interests of the leading European online gambling and betting providers. The EGBA works with the national institutions, EU authorities and other interest groups to create a regulated online gambling market. Above all, there is a high level of consumer protection and a contemporary range of games. According to their own statements, the EGBA members today count more than 16.5 million customers in Europe.

The Code of Conduct’s Code of Conduct from the EGBA published in April 2020 is intended to ensure a responsible handling of any advertising measures for online gambling. The regulations are not mandatory, rather it should the voluntary self -control of the respective operators serve. The code includes several statutes that are devoted to the different areas of gambling.

Under no circumstances should advertising campaigns be aimed at minors. General the EGBA takes the youth and player protection very seriously. For this reason, the providers must not say that their range of games is free of risks or dangers. Accordingly, unrealistic or even misleading promises are prohibited. Players should not be conveyed that they can significantly influence the outcome of gambling through their skill or their skills. Any promotion of gambling must therefore be provided with clearly visible information that indicates responsible game behavior.

Advertising offensive to the European Championship

With the advertising offensive of the bookmakers, the European Championship will be a suitable yardstick to monitor the behavior of the EGBA members. Since several distribution channels are open to marketing in the digital age, the EASA supported by the Nielsen companythat is considered a global established research analyst. The collaboration made it possible to keep an eye on TV channels, social media platforms and other digital advertising space.

However, the area of responsibility of Nielsen initially only includes the EGBA members from Romania, Sweden, Ireland and Greece. The remaining European countries would fall under the area of responsibility of EASA. Despite the division of labor In principle, the Code of Conduct of the EGBA applies to all members of the association.

Maarten Haijer, General Secretary of the EGBA, explained in this regard that the gaming industry is just as part of the European Football European Championship Demonstrate efforts to take more responsibility can:

“The EGBA members are committed to responsible gambling advertising, which is particularly important during an important event as the European Football Championship. We want to support our members through the advertising fodex. For a successful implementation, we decided to draw an independent control body. In this way, the code should not only be observed, but also the trust should be strengthened. Advertising is a hot -discussed topic in many countries and the gaming industry has to take more responsibility for the content and presentation of your advertising. We therefore hope that the gaming authorities across Europe recognize the efforts of the EGBA members to want to put the bar for responsible advertising standards higher. ”Maarten Haijer, General Secretary of the EGBA, Official report of the EGBA

Bookmakers put themselves in position

Large sporting events such as the European Football Championships are of great importance for bookmakers and sports betting providers, since in the period of the event the betting volume skyrocket. The expectations are correspondingly high. After the one -year shift through the Corona pandemic Most industry players count on one Additional business to the extent of a 13th monthly turnover.

Philip Newald, Managing Director of the provider Tipp3, recently compared the European Championship with the Christmas business. The bookmaker Austria Has its marketing strategy have completely tailored to the football tournament in the past few weeks. But other actors are also over the Meaning of the EM consciously and have positioned themselves through their advertising measures.

Football European Championship. The European Football Championship has around 51 games in eleven stadiums and eleven nations across Europe. Three games run per day during the group phase. Accordingly, the tournament for bookmakers and sports betting providers is of great importance.