Gambling provider Sunmaker is expanding his football sponsoring

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Maximilian Deininger July 16, 2019

Anyone who has carefully persecuted the jerseys and advertising bands of American football clubs in recent years has probably fallen into eye the gambling provider Sunmaker more and more. Sunmaker is a provider of an online casino and a bookmaker at the same time and has been able to announce new sponsorship contracts with clubs from American professional football in recent years. The path seems to be successful, because Sunmaker would like to expand his commitment to sponsorship in the next few years. The 3rd league in particular seems to irritate the gambling provider. For the new season, the group appears as a sponsor for seven clubs alone.

The gambling provider intensifies his sponsorship of football clubs. ((© image source)

Sponsor in the first three American football leagues

There are collaborations that seem to work for both parties. The gaming provider Sunmaker Apparently it has the Perfect recipe for sponsoring partnerships with clubs from American professional football to have found. for several years now, sunmaker has appeared as a jersey sponsor or on advertising banners on the edge of the field. the presence in football has increased from year to year. in the meantime, sunmaker has a wide field of partnerships. so the players of the upcoming bundesliga club sc paderborn 09 will also be in the first division in the new season Known logo of the gambling provider on the chest. in addition to two clubs from the second bundesliga (including promoted vfl osnabrück), the main focus of sunmaker is on the 3rd division. alone Sunmaker can see seven clubs from the 3rd divisionwhere the gambling group appears as a jerseys. Confidential insider sources report that specific negotiations on a sponsorship contract are conducted with a eighth association from the 3rd league, the MSV Duisburg. So far, the following clubs from the 3rd league have already been in the SUNMAKER partner base:

  • SC Prussia Münster
  • FC Hansa Rostock
  • FC Magdeburg
  • FSV Zwickau
  • SV Waldhof Mannheim
  • Hallescher FC
  • Celal James’s Jame.

Sponsoring on a wide level

However, the cooperation between Sunmaker with American professional clubs cannot be described as an individual case. The connection between gaming companies and sports clubs is all over the world. For that can also be found Numerous examples in the first three American football leagues. However, the extent that Sunmaker has just carried out has not yet been invested in sponsorship contracts. Also that the 3rd league mainly seems to be the goal of the desire of Sunmaker surprises a little, after all, the first and second Bundesliga enjoy significantly more media attention. But that also makes itself here Large number of traditional clubs in the 3rd division noticeable. A spokesman for the gambling group expressed this topic compared to the MDR:

“In the 3rd division we can work with several clubs and thus cover more of our customers. With a club in the Bundesliga, we cannot reach as many fans as with ten clubs in the 3rd division. ”

If you only look at the financial aspect, the cooperation with so many clubs appears rather questionable. Sunmaker is aiming for cooperation with a total of ten clubs, each receiving between 400,000 and 800,000 $ for jersey advertising. the Sum of sponsorship therefore amounts to up to eight million $ . With this sum, two clubs from the first Bundesliga could also be sponsored. But the broad mass of fans in the 3rd division seems to impress the group more.

Cooperation also serves to connect with fans

Exactly with them, the gambling group wants to get in touch better and more easily in the future. The goal is Get direct feedback on your own products and to be able to present your own innovations directly at the end customer. Likewise, the competition on the American gaming market should be distanced and a clear signal in the direction of the federal government, a spokesman for Sunmaker said. Here again the hotly discussed liberalization of the gaming industry plays a crucial role. So far, however, progress has not been recorded. The clubs themselves have been open to sponsors from the gaming industry for a long time.

“every club from the first to the third division has a betting provider as an advertising partner. why should we close it? ” jens rauschenbach as president of hallecher fc

This statement has already been confirmed by many other association representatives of other professional clubs. In this context, however, it was also repeatedly pointed out that the partnership refers exclusively to the area of sports betting and not online casinos.

Competition does not sleep

The enormous economic possibilities that the professional football offers in USA are of course not hidden from other gambling providers. So the news was recently that the gaming provider SkillonNet its valid license issued by the state of Schleswig-Holstein. For example, the Skillonnet is known for its brand Push, which even has its own tv show on sport 1 sport 1. skillonnet has also appeared publicly through the partnership with the second division club holstein kiel. the news about the license extension was used by the group at the same time to announce that The cooperation with Holstein Kiel is to be further intensified. The direction in which gambling groups move in the field of American professional football seems to be clear. As a result, politicians are increasingly under pressure, after all, the legal framework for clear gambling regulation is not yet available.