Slot machines are very popular with visitors to casinos and casinos, as they often promise you a small or sometimes even large profit. In addition, slot machines are usually quite easy to understand and are even self -explanatory. But even if you don’t have to be a genius to play on a slot machine, there are still some terms that should be new. So that gaming machines are not overwhelmed, such a term should suddenly be on the display, you can read in our glossary. Before you or even while you enjoy yourself at the slot machine, you should familiarize yourself with the most important terms of the slot machines.

The terms

Bonus Runs / -feats

Bonus rounds, often also called bonus games or free spins, can be found especially with newer slot machines. These are usually free spins or click-Mich games with which you can increase your profit. Most slots now have the so -called free spins. After the appearance of a certain picture (e.g. three books at Book of Ra), the free spins are credited and usually started immediately. A certain number of rounds then do not work at the expense of your own budget, but is given by the casino. Often the values that are available in the individual pictures are increased a little in bonus rounds.

Payout lines

Payout lines, often also called paylines, indicate the possible profit combinations at a slot machine. With slot machines, it is necessary for a win that the symbol on the very left roller is for the first time. If the same symbol is then on the payline, there is an even greater profit. As a rule, from three same symbols in a row, there is a profit on a payline and four or five are a big prize. Payout lines can have a different number of each game and you can usually set how many paylines you want to play. In a modern machine casino like that of Eurogrand, you can find a lot of slots with a different number of paylines.

Wild symbols

The wild symbols are always very welcome among players. They are the jokers of the slot machines and can be replaced by other symbols to get the best possible profit combination. If you already have two same symbols in a row and the third as the third, the wild symbol will act as a same symbol to form a 3-symbol profit combination. Most slot machines have exactly one wild symbol and with a few games, wild and scatter symbols are summarized.

Multiplier symbols

A few slot machines such as At Vulkan Vegas have so -called multiplier symbols. In principle, they have the same purpose as a wild symbol, but reinforce the profit with a multiplier again. For example, if you already have a three winning combination and as the fourth series, the winning row is followed by a multiplier symbol, the profit is not only significantly increased by the fourth symbol, the actual profit with four same symbols is also provided with a multiplier. Since the multiplier symbol promises a very large profit, you can only find it with a few slot machines and it rarely occurs there.

Scatter Symbole

The function of scatter symbols is not precisely defined. You can find them especially in newer slot machines, in which you either multiply the profit or trigger another function. The scatter symbol can be triggered, for example, bonus rounds or another bonus game can start. Scatter symbols are about as much as the players as multiplier and wild symbols. The three special symbols usually always promise a significantly greater profit – at least if they appear in the right place at the right time. Especially with Scatter symbols, it is common for at least two or three to be required. These do not have to be on a payline.


The rollers form the heart of every slot machine. In the past, the reels were still mechanical and were sometimes even mechanically powered. In the meantime, the technology has been ready that all games are only played digitally. On the display, a game is often even selected with touchscreen and the suitable software starts. Most slot machines today rely side by side on five reels, so that five symbols can always be in a payline. The rollers are turned longer or shorter with every game. The rollers automatically stop a little offset from left to right, but with a click on the right button you can also stop manually.

Progressive slot machine

Progressive slot machines are very popular with players. They offer the possibility of a large jackpot that grows over a long time. You can not only benefit from your own lost rounds in a game, the players also contribute to the big jackpot at other slot machines with the same game. A small part goes into the jackpot from every lost assignment, so that it gradually increases. At some point the time has come and a happier of the progressive slot machine wins the accumulated money. In casinos these are often several thousand $ while one In online casinos jackpot of several million $ can win.

Payout rates

The payout rates are not so much to consider for most players. In real casinos they are legally defined and therefore always in an acceptable area. These are generally better in online casinos, but here is the possibility to find out the payout rate of his favorite slot machine. The payout rates indicate how much percent of the missions are paid on average – more information on this You can find here. A slot machine is finally there for the casino to bring in money. The slot machine must therefore pay less money than you set. Of course, this does not apply to every single player. So player A can make a loss of 50 $ and 45 $ can be paid out to the following player B. A win is always possible at a slot machine, but in the long run you will lose.

Risk games

Risk games are also available from many slot machines these days. The risk game is often quite tempting for the player. The win with three simple same symbols is usually just as high that you can withdraw the use for the round. However, if you want to make a profit from this, the risk game can be chosen. Here the player has the chance to double or lose the profit with a 50:50 chance. Many players think you can hit the machine with a little skill, but it is pure coincidence with the risk games. After each win you have the opportunity to choose a risk game. A mini -game often starts in which a red or black card is uncovered.

frequently asked Questions

The glossary couldn’t answer all your questions yet and you would like to learn more about the world of slot machines? Then you are absolutely right with my detailed FAQ area. I answer all the important questions about the popular online slots and give you a better insight.

What do I need to play slots?

Before you fall into the world of online machines, you should first deal with the most important terms. So you get a much better overview and find your way around the game and with its functions faster. In my Slot machine glossary You can find an overview with the most important terms.

Which is the best slot machine online casino?

For my research, of course, I also took a close look at the various providers and can now best online slot machines casinos with starting credit present. The operators also shine with their choice of game and the manufacturers with whom they work.

How good are the payment rates of the slot machines?

The RTP values (Return to Player) are checked by independent companies such as Ecogra and passed on to the responsible regulatory authority. This ensures that the fraud is to be excluded. the Payout rates of online slot machines are very different, which is why you should always inform yourself about the title beforehand.

Which slot manufacturers are there?

The world of online casinos is big. Every year there are new software developers who want to secure a good place. Of course I also have myself with the most famous slot machine manufacturers busy and can say that the small providers like Elk Studios and Yggdrasil can easily keep up with the big ones.

Are there any different slot machines categories?

As diverse as the different titles are, they are so different Slot machine categories. And there is really something for everyone. No matter whether adventure worlds or simple fruit slots. Just like the topics, you should always have an eye on the operational limits. Because these can differ greatly from each other.