GGL: Building a team of competence

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Peter Brandt 1. April 2023

The joint gambling authority of the federal states (GGL) wants to build a team of competence for player protection. This emerges from a press release of the supervision. As part of an exchange with the country coordinators, the two board members Ronald Benter and Benjamin Schwanke came to the conclusion that the protection of the player community will be an essential area of responsibility of the GGL in the future.

The GGL competence team is to protect the player community from the dangers of gambling. ((©Erik Mclean /Unsplash.com)

Three main areas of action

As a superordinate control and regulatory body of the American gaming market, the Common gaming authority of the federal states completely from January 1, 2023 their duties and obligations. The authority is currently still in the construction process and provides the necessary processes and structures.

As part of the exchange with the country coordinators gambling addiction, another step was now taken to comply with the planned work from 2023. In this way, a team of competence is to be put together, which over a total of three core areas Ensure youth and player protection in USA target. ronald benter, board member of the ggl, explains:

“From 1.1.2023 we are responsible for regulating the cross -border gambling market in USA. We see ourselves as a for all interest groups and as a balancing perception of interests for industry and sport. As a future permission and supervisory authority, we will ensure that the permitted gambling providers comply with the rules to protect the players from gambling addiction. ”Ronald Benter, CEO of the GGL Official press release from the GGL

Building a central complaint system

In the first step, the GGL competence team was commissioned to build a central and superordinate complaint system. In the future it should be possible to directly via the website of the supervisory authority To report violations and assumptions of illegal actions. Among other things, irregularities in online gambling or illegal gaming activities could be reported on the GGL homepage. However, players could also submit general complaints that do not have to do anything with illegal actions.

Automatic system According to Benter, the central complaint system is to work completely automatically. This ensures a quick response time. The system reacts, for example, to clear legal violations with quick countermeasures – e.g. with a prohibition procedure. In contrast, general complaints would be automatically evaluated to get an overview of frequency and relevance.

Data evaluation & gambling addiction early recognition

Another focus of the competence team will be the development of a data evaluation system. This means that the GGL in particular wants the Strengthen player protection in the digital gaming sector. the goal is to develop an internal evaluation system that precisely measures the effect of the player protection measures of the gaming state treaty (glüstv). with the collected and evaluated data, it should be possible in the future to recognize conspicuous game behavior and gambling addiction early on. in this area, however, the competence team does not rely exclusively on the evaluation system, but also rely on external help. so a constant exchange with experts and institutions is planned, which with their know -how Increase the standards for gambling addiction. be able.

research Together with the federal states, the competence team will regularly commission research in order to scientifically evaluate the data collected and the effect of the player protection measures. Based on the research results, GGL would then advise politics.

Enlightenment through information

As the central point of in the gaming industry, the GGL will be abundant via the competence team Provide information on a wide variety of topicsto do educational work. It is always a superiority of player protection and the prevention of gambling and competition.

The GGL competence team explains, among other things, about which Criteria must meet a gambling provider, a to receive an official license. In this context, it should be shown that online casinos can act legally with a concession and can therefore be classified as serious. This and further information should be spread over several ways. Social media play a major role. Corresponding campaigns are planned for the most common platforms, which are intended to prepare important information about gambling in a contemporary way.

Collective Enlightenment The educational work in the gambling industry is divided into several shoulders by the glowing. Even if the GGL shoulder a large part of the informative information as a higher -level and central authority, the individual actors in industry are also obliged to communicate important and relevant information about the gambling transparently in the sense of player protection.

Already important information and educational work does the Free hotline of the Federal Center for Health Education (BZGA)that can be reached nationwide. They also play an essential role in the plans of the GGL. However, financial questions would still have to be clarified. According to Schwanke, the authority is in discussions with associations from industry in order to be able to continue to offer free service in the future.