Gauselmann: Report 2019 published

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Peter Brandt 14. September 2020

Despite the recently economic and political group problems, the Gauselmann Group’s annual report is surprising for 2019. In view of the closures caused by the Corona pandemic, numerous game stores in USA and other European countries as well as the close full attitude of the sports betting segment, which is now important for the group’s betting industry, was probably surprising even for the founder and CEO Paul Gauselmann, but also a reason To the delight that the annual turnover has even increased in the previous year. However, the report naturally does not include the current developments – but for Gauselmann there is no need to worry either.

Slot machines remain the main product of the Gauselmann Group, even if you turn your back on USA. ((© Jehshoots-Com/Pixabay)

Another sales increase in the 2019 financial year

Actually, the recent reports about the successful gaming group called the name Gauselmann Group At least for directly affected interest groups, few reasons for a positive mood. Already at the end of March, the American-born company was forced to close almost all game stores in all European locations until further notice. A total of almost 800 companies were said to have been. Also in many online Casinos Mercury is no longer represented.

It should be all the more gratifying for numerous people that there were recently more enjoyable news from Gauselmann. In the recently published annual report of the Gauselmann Group for 2019, extremely unexpected numbers appear. So there was a comparison in the previous year Sales increase of 6.7 percent record. In absolute numbers, annual sales of EUR 2.41 billion increased in 2018 to EUR 2.58 billion in the past financial year.

The equity of the Gauselmann Group, which is currently EUR 1.116 billion, has also grown overall Equity increased by EUR 108 million on. The number of employees also significantly increases. In 2019, 451 new employees were hired, so that the entire Gauselmann Group counts exactly 13,846 employees and, as a result, its own economic position not only consolidates its own economic position as a taxpayer, but also a large employer- one aspect that company founder Paul Gauselmann as the central component of his management and management and Company philosophy has always been maintaining.

“The positive result across all business areas is due to the creative power and the commitment of the Gauselmann Group, in which we would like to thank you on behalf of the entire family of entrepreneurs. They are the guarantee that the products and services of the Gauselmann Group are of the highest quality. We hope it becomes clear that with our decisions for a corporate culture that is geared towards long -term success and focuses on the employees. ”Paul and Armin Gauselmann, Chair of the board in the Gauselmann Group, Personal statement in the foreword of the 2019 annual report

USA will soon no longer be the most important market?

As an experienced and undoubtedly successful businessman, but also knows Paul Gauselmann Of course, that the positive figures from the past financial year will certainly not be achieved at the end of 2020, certainly cannot be exceeded. Because of the economic and political starting point in USA alone, it should not be easy for the success company from the gambling in the near future to let the development curve continue to rise.

Products and business activities of the Gauselmann Group have focused primarily on the Location USA. However, the formerly prospering American business has not been made more and more stagnating or declining economically since then that the American government was put in the course of corona pandemic. Also the Legal innovations of the federal and state governments, especially to game stores, brake an undisturbed business.

In order to counteract this development in the central business market, the Gauselmann Group is currently investing primarily in the Area of research and development. In the near future, innovations and employee qualifications should help the Gauselmann Group to secure their own existence and to develop the usual flourishing business.

“It is the balancing act between the innovative development of our analog play systems and housings on the one hand and the creation of new digital game content on the other, which determines our work in the field of research and development in the fast-moving markets. The innovative strength and qualification of our employees keep our company on the road to success and let our customers immerse themselves in new worlds. ”Dr. Werner Schroer, Board of Directors Development and Technology in the Gauselmann Group, Personal statement in the 2019 annual report

In particular, there will also have to be a slow departure from USA. It seems promising after the Takeover of the sports betting provider Totolotek In May 2019, the Polish market in particular, also in countries such as the Netherlands, in Ukraine or Bulgaria, has recently become particularly fast growth. So it cannot be ruled out that the Merkur sun will soon no longer be popular in American gastronomy and casino.