Gauselmann is expanding the main center

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Peter Brandt 4. April 2023

The Gauselmann Group has expanded its main center in Espelkamp with a modern building. This was announced by the American gambling group by press release on their own homepage. The project marks the next milestone of the entrepreneurial expansion plans and creates around 300 new jobs at the main location.

The expansion of the Gauselmann main center should offer modern and open working environments that are supposed to create a warm and pleasant ambience. © nastuh abootalebi /unsplash.com

Administration building for 14.5 million $

The headquarters of the Gauselmann Group is located in Espelkamp in North Rhine-Westphalia. Since its foundation in 1957, the gambling group has been located in the relatively small municipality and has been over the years deep roots in the city. the connection with espelkamp even extends so far that the city council in 1995 founder paul gauselmann made a very special birthday present. some of the eichendorffstraße was renamed the gauselmann group in “merkur-allee” based on the gauselmann group. exactly in this avenue is the main center of the gambling company, which has now been donated to a modern extension. according to the press release, this is an administration building that cost around 14.5 million $ and Modern working worlds on almost 7,000 square meters should offer. the expansion complex bears the name “building f” and includes five floors in which three group areas are housed – real estate, it and staff. paul gauselmann, founder and board spokesman for the gauselmann group, explains:

“I am very proud of the new building and the excellent working conditions that we offer our employees. The fact that we decided to build despite Corona has – as you can see today – proved to be correct. ”Paul Gauselmann, Founder and board spokesman for the Gauselmann Group Official press release from the Gauselmann Group

250 employees have already moved into their jobs in the new administration building. Another 50 employees should follow soon, so that overall a 300-member workforce can do their work in “Building F”. The real estate sector has its quarters on the ground floor. The IT department extends from the ground floor to the second floor. In contrast, human resources can be found on the third and fourth floor.

Modern and future -oriented concept

According to Lars Reichel, head of the Gauselmann Group’s real estate area, the new administration building “Building F” Messe, almost 42 meters-both in length and width. There was a large courtyard in a central position, which stretches over the floors from the ground floor to the fourth floor. Due to the large window fronts, as much daylight as possible should fall into the courtyard to to create a friendly and warm ambiencehowever, the absolute highlight is the interior design, the modern working worlds. so there is about however, the absolute highlight is the interior design, the modern working worldshowever, the absolute highlight is the interior design, the modern working worlds. so there is about so there is about No classic office space. Much more is used on an open ambience that should have a positive effect on the working atmosphere. The entire interior is based on the change in the world of work. It is no longer about hierarchies and strict processes. Nowadays, agile, flexible and project -oriented processes are in the foreground that are promoted by the modern interior design.

Retreat According to the Gauselmann Group, separate premises are not beneficial for team-oriented work. For this reason, the choice fell on an open and modern interior. Nevertheless, the new administration building offers the opportunity to withdraw in special cabins for personal meetings or for concentrated work.

Environment at a glance

With the new administration building, Gauselmann not only drives the Expansion plans in USA Ahead, but also take up socially relevant aspects – such as the environment. Among other things, an environmentally friendly green roof cover the complex. In addition, the energetic concept For less emission emissions. So thanks to a highly efficient heat doll, the Photovoltaic system on the roof is operated as little energy as possible. The system only falls back to fossil fuels at an unusually high load.

Temperature regulation An automated temperature rule was also installed in the new administration building. This recognizes whether there are employees on the premises. For example, the temperature is reduced when nobody is present in the offices in the morning and evening. The fresh air supply is also automatically regulated.

Politics present at the inauguration

The extension of the main centers was inaugurated by Paul Gauselmann. In addition to representatives of the companies involved in the construction, a number of politicians were invited. For example, Oliver Vogt (CDU), Ernst-Wilhelm Rahe (SPD), Daniela Behl (FDP) and Federal Member of the Achim Post (SPD) attended the ceremonial inauguration. Henning Vieker, Mayor of Espelkamp, was also present. In his opinion, the new building will renew that Confession of the Gauselmann Group to the city of Espelkamp.

employer The Gauselmann Group is one of the largest employers in Espelkamp and in the entire Minden-Lübbecke region. The group is correspondingly important for the local economy and the local labor market.