Game of Thrones as a quota fun

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Maximilian Deininger February 10, 2019

Three months before the end of the Fantasy epic Game of Thrones, the bookmakers register clear favorites in the bets on the outcome of the intrigue game around the iron throne of Westeros. The rulers of the north, the family Stark, and their ally Daenerys Targaryen are far ahead. But the terrible night king follows in fourth place.

Arya and Sansa private: The actresses Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, who play in Game of Thrones sisters. ((© image source)

Winter is seaming for winter fur

Soon the guessing rates around the outcome of the epic struggle for the Iron Throne of Westeros ends. The last season of the Mega series Game of Thrones starts in USA at Sky on April 15th, the very last episode of the legend of fire and ice will complete the unprecedented success story in USA on May 20. The customers of betting agencies have already committed themselves to who dies first in the last six episodes or drops the covers. And of course on the end of the throne who will sit around.

“The bets have dressed since the date for the premiere of the last season of Game of Thrones was confirmed.” Lawrence Lyons, Blogger for Boylesports

Jon Schnee and his half -brother Bran Stark have emerged as the hottest throne aspirant in betting offices such as boys’ sports, concreteline and mybookie, followed by the delicate but indomitable dragon mother Daenerys Targaryen. Quite a few bets but also that there is no happy ending and the demonic night king with its undead white hikers tears power in westeros. since the Trailer for the last season The HBO series is circulating, there is uncertainty: Who of the Starks will survive at all? The appetizer returns to where the series started seven seasons in 2011: in the catacombs under Winterfell, the sitting of the family Stark. There Jon and his semi -sisters meet Sansa and Arya statues with their counterfeit. Such sculptures usually represent the faded from the gender of the Starks. So Jon, Sansa and Arya look into their own masks in disbelief, and then it gets cold, very cold in winter fur …

Dead or barbust

The series is notorious to reserve your staff in rows. Betting on it are popular when it is first caught in the eighth and last season. The leader here is Asha Graufreud, who is already in the violence of her evil uncle Euron at the end of the seventh season. But even death does not have the last word in Game of Thrones, Jon Schnee already returned from the hereafter.

“If you play the game of the throne, you or you die.” Cersei Lannister, (still) queen on the iron throne

The series is also known for being quite freely, at least according to Hollywood standards. Therefore there is A betting list for which actress in the eighth season first without appearance. Here the evil Cersei Lennister is a breast length in front of Missandei, the confidante of Daenerys. In this list of MyBookie, particularly fearless can also rely on a white hiker. Another betting option For example, is at Oddschecker: Who will say the first set in the first episode of the new season?

Rumors and surveys

Although Jon, as we have known since the seventh season, is the heir to the Iron Throne, his half-brother Bran lies more or less on par with him in the lists of bookmakers as the most likely future overpiece of the piece of furniture. This should also be due to rumors that deal almost epidemically under fans of Game of Thrones. The loyal crowd of spectators prefers Assumptions about the further course of action on, which allegedly results from information in previous episodes of the series. The trailer for the new season caused a sensationbecause one of the last survivors of the house is very lacking in it: bran. from this, followers of the series of razors conclude: since he does not have to discover his own dead sculpture in the catacombs, he will not die either. cerseis fate also believes that some people can calculate. a very popular thesis states that she would end up with her own brother and lover jamie. and daenerys attacked their own dragons. and euron graufreud from his own heraldic animal, a octopus. and and and… we are well informed about all theses and theories of the global fan base because there are surveys about their assumptions. they then solve in turn Movement on the betting lists out. However, there will only be certainty and withdrawals if the curtain falls for the cult series at HBO in the USA on May 19 (in USA at Sky a day later). Until then, everyone who cannot expect A website for predictions about Game of Thrones to disposal.