Banning of gambling is harmful to the economy

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Maximilian Deininger December 4, 2019

In many European countries, advertising bans for gambling on TV were given. However, this harms many companies – and also countries. Among them are British companies such as the Pay TV station Sky or USA. The latest publications show that the loss of sales and income are partly in the three-digit millions. In USA, too, football is increasingly exposed to political pressure, and here too there could be financial damage.

Bwin is one of the largest sports betting sponsors in football and, for example, supports Real Madrid or Manchester United. ((© 12019/pixabay.com)

Sky reports a loss of sales of 18.2 percent

If you want to watch high -class football on TV, you will be on Pay-TV-Sender Sky Hardly come by. Because in many European countries it has the Comcast Corporation Suitable sports broadcaster the license for first -class national football, but also for the UEFA Champions League, for example.

For Sky, they pay off expensive license fees But always, because advertising places can be sold for high sums for high sums due to the popularity of football throughout Europe and the very high ratings. In USA alone, over 1 million people sit in front of the TV every year to see games from Bayern Munich, the game of the American record champions against Liverpool in the last Champions League season even saw 2 million people-and only that in USA.

It should be clear that such odds are of course particularly lucrative for sports betting providers. On American Sky television, especially in Bundesliga broadcasts, an excess of betting providers who advertise their offers can be seen. But this is also common in other countries. However, this is currently changing. Especially in Great Britain the Pay TV station suffers from strong sales losses, since the British parliament Advertising ban for gambling within sporting TV events pronounced.

But in USA too, there could soon be problems for the American Football Association (DFB). This got already at the beginning of the year Post from the gambling views the American federal states. The background is the millions of contracts that the DFB, but also Pay TV channels such as Sky USA and the football clubs have completed with betting providers in recent years.

“We see this very problematic, because of course the guise of legality is given to an illegal gambling. So Bayern Munich in particular or in general The American football league are two outstanding institutions in USA, many people are either members in the club, are fans of this club. ”Konrad Landgraf, Managing Director of the State Office Gambling addiction in Bavaria

Illegal gambling or false allegations?

According to the gambling supervisors, the problem with American football clubs in the first or second Bundesliga is not that betting providers act as sponsors of the clubs. Problematic and above all illegal, however, it would not only offer legal gambling such as sports betting, but also Casino or slot machine gamesthat have not yet been allowed in USA or are in a legal gray area – at least that is the opinion of the supervisory authorities.

“On our part, the football clubs should not be accused of deliberate illegal action. The clubs, who are often not aware that they also promote the illegal online casino offers from the sports competitions through their advertising measures, are informed and asked to disclose them as part of the procedure. ”

In USA, sports clubs and therefore of course also football clubs that officially work with gaming companies as advertising partners or sponsors are obliged to clearly point out that they only Legal sports betting offer of the sponsor advertise. Furthermore, it is not permitted to place links on the internal internal website, which forwards the advertising partner to the allegedly not completely legal gambling.

If clubs do not meet these legal requirements, there is a risk of a so -called Prohibition. As a result, the corresponding clubs would have to completely and directly stop their advertising activity. This in turn would mean that the entire sponsorship partnership would end. Logically, horrendous money income would also be omitted.

No representative studies

In USA and Great Britain, advertising for sports betting providers is now fully prohibited in the course of TV broadcasts. During a live broadcast and five minutes before and after the broadcast, no sports betting advertising may be broadcast in the UK. Similar to USA, there is also afraid on the European island that advertising for live betting in particular the risk of Rashed and disproportionately high operations Increase.

“This has a completely different game speed, we call this event frequency. That kicks a lot more. Accordingly, the addiction potential is higher. In addition, there are the dangers of the Internet. You can play online 24 hours a week without closing times, when and wherever you can have an internet -enabled smartphone. ”To be onbie, Gambling expert at the University of Bremen

Sports clubs receive in this country Every year around 60 million $ from sponsorship partnerships From companies from the gaming industry. Statistical evidence or even representative studies that could show that the advertising engagement of gaming companies on the American sports market also has an increased risk of addiction to gambling, but has so far been missing. This is also a reason why gambling companies have so far defended themselves against such unoccupied claims.

In addition, the allegation of illegality is not justified anyway. In general, many sports betting providers, who also have online casino games in their portfolio, rely on the European freedom of services. Ultimately, however, the American Treasury should also be concerned not to look at an advertising ban too one -sided. Otherwise, USA could threaten a similar fate as USA. There, the tax losses are over 700 million $ after the start of the advertising ban for gambling.

“Tipico is convinced of the legality of the online casino offer based on the freedom of service under European law and sees itself confirmed by recent administrative judicial decisions.”