Fight gambling addiction with gambling? Research shows ways!

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Lennart folder 9. May 2019

Gambling is becoming increasingly popular, especially online. However, consumer advocates and some politicians fear an increase in pathological game behavior through the omnipresence of casinos and games of chance. Most of the time, a solution and legal regulation of the gaming market are proposed as a solution. British researchers now want to have found a more constructive solution. They want to combat the loss of control in gambling with gambling themselves. What seems contradictory at first glance is based on an idea from psychology that was even awarded the Nobel Prize.

How much risk people are willing to take is different from person to person.

Gambling addiction really a problem for society as a whole?

The reasons, especially in USA, but sometimes also in other European countries to argue against the liberalization of the gambling market, usually follow the same fear: an oversupply of gambling both in the inpatient area and on the Internet should be Risk to develop pathological play behavior significantly increase. it has not yet been proven by numbers whether this corresponds to a fact. According to the current figures from the Federal Center for Health Education (BZGA) Should be 78 percent the 16- to 65-year-olds in USA have already taken part in games of chance, but this should not happen regularly. in addition, only four percent of this group should be willing to invest more than 100 $ in casino games. the study also points out that pathological gambling addiction under no circumstances is a problem for society as a whole, but can only be identified in a marginal group of players. around one percent of 16- to 65-year-old Americans should show striking game behavior, which, however, does not necessarily have to be pathological playing behavior. nevertheless, of course, the few people who are actually pathologically are addicted to play must also be helped. so far, therapeutic measures have only tried to keep those affected away from all kinds of games of chance. researchers from great britain have now uncovered that this does not necessarily have to be the best possible way. these want to develop a new concept that Gambling addiction with gambling treated yourself.

”Prospect Theory: This is the name of the scientific method. Whether this concept helps to filter out problem players and can effectively combat gambling addiction would be to be carried out in a practical examination. ”

With Nobel Prize, excellent idea should help game addicts

As is known, Great Britain is considered the European country when it comes to acceptance of gambling. Sports betting in particular is very popular with the British. Unlike in USA, for example, gambling on the European Peninsula is socially comprehensive and across shift. From a percentage, a lot more British take part in games of chance than Americans. Perhaps that is why it is not surprising that it is British researchers who have dealt intensively with the subject of pathological gambling addiction and also the first Innovative concepts developed to help playful people sustainably. the certainly unorthodox approach to combat gambling addiction with gambling itself is based on the project, Problem player to recognize much fasterwhen it is currently happening to take therapeutic measures in this way, even before pathological game behavior develops. gambling itself plays a central role. the new concept refers to one Theory on risk joy, which was presented for the first time in the psychological british society in harrogate. the theory questions the view that people in principle choose the path of the slightest risk if the prospect of a profit. a study could show that this does not apply to all people because there are also individuals who have fewer inhibitions to take risks and rarely choose the safe way, even if it were the more rational decision. the knowledge of the study should now be converted into a new “gambling”. under the name of „What is your Style?“ Glow players are to be tested in programmed scenarios that can also occur in real gambling. So you want to find out which personal or risk group a player can be assigned. Depending on the result of the test, individual profiles could then be developed before the real money use, which, for example, automatically set operational limits or exclude the player of certain games.

“We suggest a simple” What is your style? “Play, which is designed according to our scenarios and used by the gambling operators before money even changes pages. Since the Prospect Theory shows that people are unable to assess probabilities and then choose the most logical option, it would be much more difficult to outsmart the measures by hiding their attitude to gambling itself. ”

Test games not yet in use

The innovative idea of identifying problem players before they even end up in danger of developing pathological playing behavior sounds sensible, especially since this concept also one Alternative approach would be to convince those people of the liberalization of gambling, who are particularly important to the topic of containing the gambling addiction. for this, however, this also needs the willingness of gambling providers to work together with science and research, because of course the gambling tests of online casinos and co. would have to be offered and implemented if new customers register with them and the online offer want to use. so far there was still No communication between the researchers or official official institutions and the gaming industryhowever, this could change soon. because precisely because of the current situation in many countries, which is still quite far away from the full liberalization of the market, this alternative approach should be a however, this could change soonhowever, this could change soon. because precisely because of the current situation in many countries, which is still quite far away from the full liberalization of the market, this alternative approach should be a because precisely because of the current situation in many countries, which is still quite far away from the full liberalization of the market, this alternative approach should be a Win-win-Option represent the interests of gambling providers as well as the consumer advocates and politicians.