Fraud by manipulated machines

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Peter Brandt March 15, 2021

A criminal gang is said to have manipulated slot machines nationwide and thus captured over 500,000 $ . According to information from the Upper Bavaria police, the machinations of the fraudsters have been observed for several months. The men from North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria are said to have systematically manipulated slot machines since September 2020 that they have had money for no apparent reason. According to the authorities, the gang was active throughout the country and was associated with around 400 fraud cases.

According to the police, the fraudsters must have special know -how to manipulate the slot machines. ((©madartzgraphics/Pixabay)

A total of 14 suspects

Since September 2020, the Upper Bavarian police have been investigating the slot machine fraud since September 2020, but only the breakthrough on February 25, 2021 could be achieved in the case. So should An operator of arcades in the Fürstenfeldbruck area the official for the successful investigation have given. He noticed that illegal changes were made on numerous gambling devices in various arcades, which made the machines disproportionate many and also unjustified payments.

In the course of the investigation, the police in Upper Bavaria were able to find a total of 14 suspects, which are mainly from North Rhine-Westphalia. They were able to arrest four men directly. Two are still in custody at the present time. Although a large part of the gang from North Rhine -Westphalia was to come, the operating room was not limited to the most populous state. Rather, according to the Upper Bavarian police spokesman, the fraudsters are said to have been active in the entire Federal Republic. According to the current status, the officials bring Around 400 slot machines connected to the criminal gang, who are said to have selected smaller arcades as crime scene. The one created by the brazen stitch Economic damage is currently estimated at 500,000 $ .

Technical know -how. Modern slot machines that are permitted in state -licensed gambling have a sophisticated technology. In this way, manufacturers and legislation want to prevent illegal manipulations from being possible through external influences. Since the criminal gang were able to get half a million $ despite this complex safety precaution, the police suspect special know -how. In their actions, they are said to have used the perpetrators know about the device functions and confidential access data, which they are said to have received in part against third parties.

Violence & bribery

According to the current investigation, the suspects not only tried it in the gentle way when they raid. Although the manipulated slot machines were levered out, but The devices are said to have been opened with brutal violence beforehand. This is the only way to get the sensitive software and cut certain cable connections. According to matching media reports, the criminal gang also regularly bribed the personnel of the respective arcades who were actually responsible for security and order. A police spokesman said that the individual people were paid for simply looking away with obvious and repeated manipulations.

Investigations are ongoing. Although the police have found the alleged masterminds behind the slot machine fraud, the investigation continues. All connections and details of the case still have to be processed. The officials focus particular attention on the technical know -how of the gang. According to their own statements, the police arise where the perpetrators received the necessary insider information for the devices. Two people are currently suspected of having provided both the technical material and the necessary knowledge to carry out the manipulations.

Caught in action

The police of the 14-member fraud gang have been on the trail of the 14-member gang for several months. Even if the current investigation means the breakthrough in this case, the first point of has In September 2020 the officials made aware of the fraudulent machinations. Three alleged members of the gang in the Upper Bavarian Fürstenfeldbruck were caught in a fresh act. Only one of the men stammered from the immediate vicinity. His two accomplices would have come from Dortmund. A clue that the police continued. It should be the right decision because the officials in the apartment of the suspects from NRW arrest another person.

When do the legal proceedings begin? According to the current status, the responsible public prosecutor’s office in Munich II, in coordination with the local criminal police, conduct further investigations to collect sufficient burden of proof for successful legal proceedings. When this is actually called is still unclear at the present time. Since two of the alleged 14 perpetrators are still to be in custody, the entire investigative process will most likely extend a bit.