For the charitable purpose: Brilliant Solutions is launching online poker tournaments

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Lennart folder 2. May 2020

In order to fight against the economic consequences of corona pandemic, Brilliant Solutions has launched an online poker tournament series for a good cause. The British company organizes this specifically for participants from the software and loan industry and hopes for generous donations. These are then completely handed over to the state health system NHS. As a matter of participation, the potential participants only have to have a connection to the credit and mortgage industry. After just a few days, the official number of participants has grown to over 100.

For the charitable purpose: the British company Brilliant Solutions is organizing online poker tournament series. ((© Sprinter_lucio/Pixabay)

Fight against the Corona crisis-Brilliant Solutions shows it

According to Brilliant Solutions, the online poker tournament series is planned for the beginning of May when everything goes according to plan. Participation is completely free. However, the participants are indirectly asked to use the Just Giving website of Brilliant Solutions to the Charity project NHS Charities Together to donate a freely selectable amount. However, the donation is officially voluntary, but the entire project would not be conducted in an absurdity at any donation.

To be able to participate in the online poker tournaments No account on an online poker platform be set up. Likewise, no information about a bank account or the like must be given. If you are interested in one of the tournaments, only a link will be sent through which you get to an app. This can be installed on any device. The online poker tournament is then played through this app.

Who or what is Brilliant Solutions? “Brilliant Solutions based in Swansea in Wales belongs to the Brilliant Group. This combines several companies and companies from the credit and mortgage area. However, the individual companies are independent of each other. Brilliant Solutions serves the B2B sales component within the Brilliant Group. Izone software is also part of the company. Izone software offers service, development and hosting services. Izone software serves a wide variety of customers in the entire British kingdom from her branches in South Wales, Cambridgeshire and Manchester. ”

Positive signal from the British financial industry in times of corona pandemic

The managing director of Brilliant Solutions, Matthew Arena, is particularly evident. He hoped for the generosity of the participants. In this way, the industry could set an example together and a get a considerable amount of donations together < that will benefit the NHS. Especially in the current times dominated by Corona pandemic, many people were only at home. Matthew Arena continued to explain that the direct relationships between software providers, brokers, lenders and transport companies are currently being missed at Brilliant Solutions. The company also transports this setting in a statement on its own website:

“Why don’t you use these fantastic relationships to support the NHS at a time when the NHS employees help us? We want to bring people of all poker levels together for an online tournament that is fun, and where you have a chance to win a trophy. […] It will be fun and all your donations go to a good cause. ”

Matthew Arena, as CEO, made it clear to the whole company that Brilliant Solutions Do not stop from the coronavirus. This also applies to the rest of the industry. Arena was quite optimistic about the tournament series. After just a few days, over 100 participants had registered for the tournaments. He hoped for numerous other participants, but is a positive things because it is still a few days for registration.

From the point of view of the poker scene, the campaign is also a good publicity, after all, almost all of them were Live poker tournaments canceled in the next few months. Finally, the most important Poker tournament series, the World Series of Poker, was also moved back at least once. Various other tournaments are played out as an online tournament in a slimmed-down version as well as the planned tournament of Brilliant Solutions.