Football betting scandal in Austria

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Maximilian Deininger 14. April 2021

The alleged betting fraud in the ÖFB Cup continues to keep the Klagenfurt public prosecutor’s office in suspense. The investigation that focuses on the cup game between the second division club Austria Klagenfurt and the regionalist ATSV Stadl-Paura has been running for several months. The game was held in August 2020 ended with a clear 7-1 win for the home team. The high result and the unorthodox course of the game raised the suspicion of severe betting fraud early on, which, after the latest information, should go hand in hand with potential money laundering and falsification of money. So it recently reported the “Upper Austrian News” (OÖN).

The public prosecutor Klagenfurt is confronted with new findings about the ÖFB betting scandal, which extends significantly lower than before. ((©fsHH/Pixabay)

Investigation against three people

Nevertheless the investigation of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Klagenfurt For over half a year, no relevant progress to clarify the alleged betting fraud in the ÖFB Cup has been made. Although three people were introduced early as suspects, the traces were largely and did not leave any adequate clues who or what could be behind the football betting scandal. The public prosecutor’s office focused exclusively on ATSV Stadl-Paura, which is said to be directly or indirectly involved in the cause. In addition to an ex-player and a official of the club also suspected a South Korean investor, who is said to have been in with the former sponsor of the regional list.

Sponsor from South Korea. In January 2020, ATSV Stadl-Paura presented the largest fast food chain in South Korea’s “Goob’ne” as the new main sponsor. Both the company from Asia and the Austrian regionalist recorded publicly that they hope for great progress from the collaboration. So it was the intention of “Goob’ne” to gain a foothold in Europe through the commitment and to promote entrepreneurial expansion. Stadl-Paura, on the other hand, was not only able to secure the game operations of the second half of the season through the deal, but also wanted to conquer South Korea as a location for player training.

In the course of the investigation work, the Austrian press landscape became aware of the alleged betting scandal in local football. The “Upper Austrian Nachrichten” and the “Kleine Zeitung” addressed the chairman of the ATSV Stadl-Paura Hans Stöttinger on the running investigations against his club. This indicated in a report by the two media houses, that he would have had no idea about the involvement of a player and official. At the same time, he stated that he had relieved the functionary of his offices when he was informed by the public prosecutor.

Irregularities on the Asian betting market

According to the latest state of knowledge, the situation remains complex. The circle of the suspects had to be resolved quickly by the public prosecutor and a specific trace is still in short supply. Now, however, movement seems to be moving back into the matter, which, however, primarily provides more questions than answers. For example, irregularities on the Asian betting market, which have made themselves noticeable by strikingly high game missions, are said to have been noticeable, Possible money laundering and falsification of money raised as further crimes to have. At this point, the public prosecutor cannot and does not want to comment on whether the former main sponsor plays a major role.

Damage in the millions. The suspected betting fraud in the ÖFB Cup will be estimated at five million $ after the current investigation. However, according to the public prosecutor, the rumored amount could increase again. The authority recently confirmed that another game of the ÖFB Cup has gotten into the crossfire of the investigation. This also had to show some characteristics that would indicate potential betting fraud.

Dimensions of the betting fraud

Sports betting are both a hobby and economic power. For many sports fans, betting on games, games and events symbolizes the ultimate passion. As a result, companies generate a lot of capital – usually very serious and legal. Yet The enormous economic power of the sports betting Always ensures that black sheep always pass on the otherwise clean business model. In the consequence repeatedly uncovered betting scoresthat made big waves, especially in football.

One of the largest scandals occurred in USA. In the summer of 2006, professional football in the southern European country was confronted with a scandal wave that is still looking for its same today. The starting point was the Juventus Turin top club at the time. Its manager Luciano Moggi at the time had been successful at the time Influenced on referee’s statements and decisions And so many wrongly victories of his club.

Forced relegation. Thanks to a close network of relationships with relationships, Moggi has been proven to manipulate around 29 out of 38 Juve games in the 2004/2005 season. As a result, two championship titles were revoked to the top club. In addition, the club had to go to the second division and was assigned a point deduction.