Football: Belgium intensifies gambling

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Maximilian Deininger December 25, 2020

In Belgium, the first football league and the domestic gambling supervision are promoting sharper gambling rules. The regulatory authority “Commission of the Jeux de Hasard” explained via the press release that the cooperation with the Association of “Jupiler Pro League” should focus on player protection. For this overarching goal, both parties want to draw the legal framework for the Belgian gambling even closer. In terms of advertising and marketing in particular, there will be an even more strict rules.

The associations of the “Jupiler Pro League” want to contribute to the sensitization of gambling with internal workshops and seminars. ((©StartupStockPhotos/Pixabay)

“Responsibility towards society”

Gambling is also an integral part of the Advertising and marketing landscape. Many companies from the industry act as a sponsor for the individual clubs or operate other commitment in the country’s highest football league. In the course of the increasing interlinking of the two parties, the Belgian gambling supervisory authority “Commission of the Jeux de Hasard” and the league association had already agreed on a new rules for advertising with gambling content in March 2019. Since the provisions and guidelines were only roughly worked out at this point, a structured version of the measures adopted followed in the next step.

Gaming Commission. The gambling supervisory authority is pursuing three areas of responsibility on the Belgian gaming market as a higher -level organ. In the very first distance, it serves as a counseling center for the government and the parliament. In addition, their primary task in the license for companies that want to offer services in the gaming sector. Both the review of the industry standards and the granting of the corresponding approval fall under the area of responsibility of the authority. Last but not least, it appears as a control body to protect the market and its actors.

The new regulations deepen the cooperation of the individual football clubs of the “Jupiler Pro League” and gambling supervision. According to the official press release, one is aware of the responsibility towards the company and wanted to use the measures adopted Protection of the player Ensure healthy structures with the help of healthy structures. This proactive policy hopes to act as a kind of inspiration source for other professional sports in Belgium. At the same time, the “Jeux de Hasard Commission” emphasized that the clubs would act beyond the minimum level defined by the Belgian gambling laws.

Regulation for marketing & advertising

Sensitization, prevention and player protection – The football clubs of the “Jupiler Pro League” and the national gambling supervision are committed to these three aspects. In order to make noticeable progress in these areas, the cooperation between the two parties focuses on the marketing and advertising efforts of the industry in football. The “Commission of the Jeux de Hasard”, by press release, indicated that TV spots on television, advertisements on the Internet as well as banners on gangs or plates always have to include a clear recognizable indication of the potential risks of gambling. At the same time, the telephone number of a Belgian gambling addiction aid must be shown on the respective forms of advertising.

The presentation of the advertising messages are also part of the new regulations. You should no longer than Prompt To be formulated to move the player into an impulse reaction. In this regard, it was agreed that advertising for Sports betting to ban in certain phases of a live game. Clear guidelines for responsible marketing on the part of the football clubs should remedy this. These would also commit themselves to organize seminars and workshops together with the league association in order to promote sensitization and prevention in gambling. Younger people in particular would be focused on. At the same time, organizations that work in this subject area should be brought on board.

Gambling is the responsibility of strict framework. Although the “Commission of the Jeux de Hasard” officially announced that they do not want to prohibit the clubs of the first football league to cooperate with gaming companies, the new project will create a strict legal framework for the individual industry representatives. The clubs of the “Jupiler Pro League” can only cooperate with players of gambling who have an official license of gambling supervision. If the corresponding provider loses its certificate or violates the coupled requirements, the regulatory authority notifies both the league association and the club concerned.

Independent integrity committee

An independent integrity committee Representatives of the economy and sport Assuming, acting as a new control body should act and wake up in terms of gambling in terms of gambling. As an independent instance, this committee is intended to maintain the integrity of the league and the industry. In this regard, there is still an amicable framework agreement. Here a working group launched should take the necessary steps.