Flutter presents sustainability concept

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Peter Brandt March 4, 2023

Flutter Entertainment has presented a sustainability concept to ensure a positive gaming experience. The gambling group recently announced this by press release. The “positive impact plan” called out consists of three overarching core areas in which the company would like to achieve different goals by 2030.

With its “positive impact plan”, flutter entertainment follows a work environment that relies on diversity and inclusion. ((©Clay Banks/Unsplash)

Principles for the sustainability strategy

The sustainability concept of Flutter includes Environmental protection, inclusion and diversity. The gaming group wants to strengthen its entrepreneurial resources in these three areas and convey a consistently positive gaming experience to its own customers. The so -called “Play Well Tools” are to be used for the implementation, in which the company claims to have already invested 45 million GBP. The money flowed into research, education, marketing campaigns, sensitization and technology.

Through the investment, Flutter had managed to provide its sustainability strategy with universal principles. For example, progress is to be preserved in the three core areas through cooperation, innovation and research. At the same time, the gambling giant wants both offer a safe game environment as well as an effective interaction. Basically, it is about supporting your own customers in any areas.

Peter Jackson, Chief Executive of Flutter Entertainment, explains:

“With our plan, we want to bring about positive changes in the gambling industry and play a pioneering role. We are aware that it is a challenging strategy. Nevertheless, it is very important to us to make a positive contribution and to meet our customers, colleagues and communities. Our plan builds on the strong foundations that we have developed for years. ”Peter Jackson, Chief Executive von Flutter Entertainment, Official press release from Flutter Entertainment

Environment plays an important role

Climate change is on the rise and will increasingly present the global community with challenges. Flutter is also aware of this and has firmly anchored environmental protection in its “positive impact plan”. So the group wants its own Reduce effects on the environment. According to the press release, one is based on both the requirements of the Paris climate agreement and the UN campaign “Race to Zero”.

As a global company, Flutter is aware that its own actions have a negative impact on the environment and the climate, says Jackson. For this reason you want no more CO2 emissions by 2030 cause And so climate -neutral.

Flexible environmental strategy. So far, Flutter has left open what measures the climate neutrality should be achieved. The exact measures and steps will only be defined more precisely in the course of the year, it is said. In general, the “positive impact plan” is not a rigid, but much more a dynamic construct. Depending on the situation and development of the circumstances, the gambling giant wants to react accordingly in order to be able to achieve positive effects.

Definition of diversity

The global success of Flutter Entertainment is based on the press release the lived variety within the group. Only through a Integrative and equivalent work environment Be able to continue to develop positively.

For this reason, an important sub -area of the “positive impact plan” was launched in 2021, which on Diversity, inclusion and equality Relate. Flutter is important to create a fair work environment that does not differentiate between ethnicity, gender or other factors. One of the specific goals is to fill around 40 percent of management positions with women by 2026.

Community projects. Under the “Integrative Community” point, Flutter wants to improve the living conditions of ten million people. Game and sport should take care of this. Last year, the group has already invested 3.7 GBP in community projects.

Sustainability movement in gambling

With its sustainability concept, Flutter Entertainment wants a Pioneering role in the gambling industry take, but other industry representatives have also intensified their efforts in the associated areas.

For example, Entain has made great progress in terms of environment, social affairs and management. To be Commitment and its innovative approaches Last year the gaming group landed on the prestigious list of the “TBD Media Group”, which names 50 globally operating corporations every year Couraged for more sustainability.

Concepts for sustainability. Since 2020, Entain has been driving a sustainability strategy that strengthens players protection, promote diversity and protect the environment. Gender-GAP also plays an important role. Through any measures and newly oriented corporate structures, Entain has managed to increase the proportion of women in the group to 30 percent. In the tech industry, the average rate is 15 percent.