First online casino for LGBT community

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Peter Brandt February 3, 2020

The first online casino was opened in Great Britain to aim specifically at the LGBT community and offers a special gaming experience as Bet4pride. This slightly different gambling format also includes rainbow bets, for example. Bet4Pride is of course not called the British online casino by accident, although it not only wants to take an individual way in gambling, but also wants to get involved with your own customer and target group.

From now on, rainbow colors not only appear as an optical license plate of the LGBT community, but also as a betting format in gambling. ((© Gagnonm1993/Pixabay)

A different online casino: Bet4pride

At the end of last year it was finally time. In November 2019, the first online casino started, which was aimed at a very specific target group. Under the name of Bet4pride wants to offer founder Adrianus van Spreewel a special gambling experience of a special kind of “gayming” experience, as the entrepreneur himself says.

His online casino is aimed at the LGBT-Community, at least superficial. Self-declared entrepreneurial goal-in addition to economic operation, of course-be it to provide an online gambling platform on which people can play and have fun in a safe and socially responsible place regardless of their sexual orientation.

“If I look back at the beginning after about a year, I could never understand why there was no casino tailored to us (the LGBT+ Community, note). So the idea started. And obviously she has developed over the years to what she is now, with many more outstanding ideas. ”Adrianus Van Streeuwel, Entrepreneur, founder of the British online casino Bet4pride

Despite the clearly defined target group, Bet4pride is an online casino as you know it. Overall, the casino newcomer offers Around 6,000 individual gambling on, of course, the classics such as roulette or blackjack are part of the portfolio. Even sports betting and a live betting area can be found, which is also mandatory for a British gaming provider.

Colorful, shrill and varied

Bet4Pride would not do justice to its own and customer claims, there would also be a special kind of gambling experience. Rainbow betting count that the casino provider is currently planning. The name already clearly points out what this innovative betting format will distinguish.

What are rainbow betting? “This new betting format is currently still being planned, but will initially be found exclusively in the online casino Bet4Pride. Rainbow betting is an allusion to the colorful rainbow flag, which has been the international symbol of the lesbian and gay movement since the 1970s. Rainbow bets are to be offered for events and sporting events in which people who are even a member of the LGBT community are to participate. ”

But that’s not enough. As Van Spreeuwel recently revealed, the optical presentation of the casino, i.e. the web design, should also be successively modified. Overall, it is still eager to Corporate Design Worked, the development of which has not yet seen the casino founder.

Colorful, colorful and full of energy-this is how Van Spreewel imagines his casino online. For this purpose, they are currently working intensively and very closely with slot developers, who should implement the ideas of the LGBT casino operator into practice as precisely as possible. In this area too, one wants to offer your own target group a gambling offer Exclusive, extravagant and unique is.

Social commitment will not be forgotten

Since Bet4Pride has only been in Great Britain for a few months, it is not yet clear whether this or a similar LGBT-online casino to be found in other countries in the future will give. Unlike conventional online casino providers, Bet4Pride does not only have with the well-known legal problems of online gambling in many countries As yes in USA to fight, but also with the many places still existing resentment towards people who belong to the LGBT community.

Trotzdem ist Adrianus van Streeuwel an expansion is generally not averse to. For the time being, however, one wants to wait and see how the innovative casino start-up is in the British market. The fact that his company idea will hopefully be successful is not only to be desired to the entrepreneur, but also the entire LGBT movement.

Because according to your own information Ten percent of the profit generated for fundraisers Approved. Of course, foundations that work for the rights and interests of the LGBT community are to be supported.

Bet4Pride already proves social responsibility but already elsewhere. Are very atypical for a British online casino Not to be found under the gambling offers. In this way, Bet4Pride would like to ensure that it does not support cruelty to animals and at the same time create awareness of animal welfare in the sports betting area.

“However, we are firm in our decision not to offer greyhound or horseracing as part of the sportsbook because we don’t believe in betting on live animals. This is a strong statement to make given the popularity of these markets in the UK.”Adrianus Van Streeuwel, Entrepreneur, founder of the British online casino Bet4pride