Fight against illegal gambling

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Peter Brandt December 23, 2020

The applicable Corona Lockdown has re-sparked the fight against the illegal gambling in USA. Since November 2nd, the police have excavated illegal gambling locals in several cities and dissolved private gambling meetings. Since casinos and arcades remain closed until further notice due to the Federal Government’s measures decided, the illegal gaming activities have increased significantly.

The authorities confiscated numerous slot machines when the illegal gambling meetings. ((© ️Djedj/Pixabay)

Illegal offers as an alternative

The year 2020 is all about the coronavirus. Nevertheless, the politics and the public absolutely wanted to avoid a second lockdown over Christmas and the turn of the year, the federal government was forced to restrict many areas of public life due to the increasing number of infection. The gambling industry is still affected by this legal regulation. The local casinos and local arcades are Despite a previously elaborated hygiene concept closed since November 2nd. The government’s decision was heavily criticized by the individual industry representatives at the time.

In particular, the industry association “American Automaternwirtschaft” (DAW) reacted with great concern to one renewed corona-lockdown. Georg Stecker, board spokesman for the DAW, spoke about the logical consequences for gambling in USA, the legal and licensed offer should be eliminated. So prophesied plugs Highly problematic emigration of the guests into illegal offers without youth and player protectionthat has now become a reality. The authorities in many American cities have to deal with numerous illegal gaming activities within a month.

Harder Lockdown planned? Despite the current shutdown, the number of infection in USA is increasing. In view of this development, some federal states have already decided sharper measures. The Federal Government is also currently examining the implementation of a harder lockdown. According to the information from the “Bild” newspaper, the Chancellery pleads for the closure of retail, schools and also the daycare centers. The measures are already planned for Wednesday, December 16. The current situation would neither worsen nor improve the current situation for the gaming industry.

Illegal gambling in the capital

One of the biggest hotspots of illegal gambling activities is Berlin. In the capital in the capital, the authorities have been forced in the past few days and weeks, several advertisements for violations of the applicable Infection Protection Act to pronounce. In most cases, the reason for the intervention of the police were parties and gatherings, which should often have been about illegal gambling.

According to information from the “Berliner Zeitung”, officials recently dissolved a birthday party with 41 people in the Treptow-Köpenick district. The focus of the event was round seven slot machinesthat were immediately secured. A 59-year-old man was arrested as a suspected organizer of the party. He is accused of organizing an unauthorized gambling meeting.

The same happened on November 13th. In the course of a raid, the police and the Berlin regulatory office Nine illegal gaming machines and several betting tickets Sure in a café. According to official information, the small restaurant is said to have made a closed impression from the outside. A black curtain was stretched in half of the room, behind which illegal gambling was operated.

Cases in the capital are increasing. During the Lockdown, the police and the regulatory office have big problems to get the illegal gambling in Berlin under control. It can be assumed that the enlightened cases only form the tip of the iceberg and a large part of the unauthorized activities remain undetected.

Unauthorized gambling also in NRW

The illegal gambling has not only increased explosively in the Hotspot Berlin since November 2nd. In the past few weeks, too, the authorities have registered numerous violations of the applicable measures in North Rhine-Westphalia. On Tuesday, December 8th, the police in Oberhausen had tracked down several people in the rooms of a restaurant who are not said to have adhered to the Infection Protection Act. The officials found one provisionally furnished game cavity With Machine, Card play tables and filled refrigerators. According to official information, the suspects had secretly made a member of the games of chance. The police confiscated all gambling devices and filed a complaint against the people involved.

In the past few weeks too In other places in Oberhausen illegal gambling meetings were discovered. The authorities moved out several times within one month and resolved numerous events. In most cases, gambling was secretly played in darkened bars or cafes.

The Oberhausen police had to struggle with illegal gambling before the Lockdown. In large -scale raids, the officials were able to successfully act against unauthorized activities again and again. Police President Alexander Dierselhuis was very satisfied in view of the good reconnaissance rate:

“I am very satisfied with the excellent cooperation between the security authorities involved. We show that we don’t just scratch the surface. “Alexander Dierselhuis, Police chief in Oberhausen, Article of the WDR