Fight against gambling advertising: Norway takes action

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Peter Brandt March 6, 2020

In the fight against illegal advertising for online gambling play, the Norwegian government has proposed various changes to the Broadcasting Act. The aim of the changes is to conclude a previously existing legal gap that currently allows that foreign and non-licensed online gambling providers can switch TV spots on Norwegian television in order to advertise for your own offer. Due to the changes in the law, local television sales partners could be forced by the Norwegian media authority not to radiate such advertising.

With the closure of another legislative gap, the Norwegian government continues its fight against illegal gambling advertising. ((©Mariamichelle/Pixabay)

Remaining gap in the Gambling Act is closed

The proposed amendment to the law is intended to close a previously neglected gap in the area of regulation of gambling and gambling advertising. Since various television channels can be received in Norway, which but have their seat abroad And so that it is not subject to the Norwegian legislative regulations and requirements, it is possible on these transmitters that non-licensed providers of online gambling on the addressed TV channels radiate advertising for their offer, which is thus also made accessible to Norwegians. In the future, the change in the law will allow the Norwegian media authority to force local television sales partners, in the future To block such advertisements And no longer radiate.

How does the new development come about? ”Currently, two gaming providers have permission to radiate advertising on their product on Norwegian television. These are the two providers Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. In contrast to most other European countries, a monopoly model in the gaming sector is preferred in Norway. According to the Norwegian government, the most easiest and most effective in the country’s population could be protected against the risk of problematic gambling. ”

The proposed changes in the area of regulating the advertising regulations of gambling offers should improve this protection even further. This was also confirmed by Abid Q. Raja, Norwegian Minister of Culture and Equality of Gender, in an interview:

“For the government, this is a decision in which the interests of people with gaming problems and their relatives must have priority over financial considerations.”

Advertising for gambling on the Internet

Gambling on the Internet is an emerging industry, but it has only been so excessively existed for several years. For this reason, suitable regulations for gambling on the Internet itself are missing in many European countries, but also for corresponding advertising formats of the providers for online gambling, which in turn controversial discussions leads. However, the activities of the regulatory authorities have also increased in recent years.

For example, the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), the Spanish gaming authority, recently published a first draft through which TV advertising for gambling on the Internet is to be better regulated. From the authority’s point of view a complete ban does not useful And disproportionate, but stricter regulations would have to be better differentiated between legal and illegal gambling offers on the Internet. This results from which providers TV advertising clips are allowed and for which they are prohibited.

What is the legal situation in USA? ”USA is facing far-reaching change, since with an expected change in the currently applicable state of gambling from mid-2021 online gambling from licensed providers and strict requirements. Up to this point, however, no advertising for gambling may be broadcast, as the Cologne Regional Court had recently decided against a television station after a lawsuit by a representative of the gambling industry. However, this decision is probably only valid regionally. ”

In various countries in Europe, resistance to the advertising of the industry for online gambling. The boom of online casinos, online bookmakers as well as poker offers on the Internet and their massively increasing success have led to the market of offers and corresponding advertising formats are flooded. Anti-gambling activists have come together in Great Britain and require harder restrictions and regulations when charging advertising for providers of online gambling.

Among other things, this meant that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) recently addressed an official appeal to the criticized providers of online gambling. In this the ASA pointed out that the gambling companies should deal with their marketing activities more responsibly. Great Britain’s citizens would now be bombarded with spots from the gaming sector in every TV advertising interruption.