FB lawsuit: King’s Casino with success

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Peter Brandt 11. August 2021

In the legal dispute with Facebook, the King’s Casino was able to record the first success in front of a Prague court. Mark Zuckerberg’s US company was therefore encouraged to ban the advertising of an online game app from its own platform. This had gone home with the trademark rights of the King’s Casino and had advertised the name of the casino without consent to the social network. Leon Tsoukernik, owner of the Czech branch of King’s Casino, had already filed a lawsuit in April. He now announced the first legal success by press release.

The verdict is not yet final, but Leon Tsoukernik and the King’s Casino have the decision of the court as the first success. (© Bill Oxford/Unsplash)

Legal dispute

As can be seen from the press release of the King’s Casino, a legal dispute was inevitable. In April of this year, an unknown company switched advertisements on Facebook that Used King’s Casinos’ trademark rights without consent And thus violated applicable law.

Cucumbers According to my own statement, I tried several times in April to the responsible department of Facebook. However, the US company never reacted to its inquiries and did not refer to the cause. Even the activation of his lawyer Tomáš Osička showed no effect. Only one Superficial communication with the support team of the Internet giant had come into being. However, an out -of -court problem solving was not possible in the context of the possible.

The Czech newspaper Economic newspaper had reported the dispute between the King’s Casino and Facebook last April. According to the media house, the supposedly illegal advertisement had been announced that the otherwise inpatient King’s casinos now also had an online offer.

Welcome gift. The dubious advertisement on Facebook promised all new players a welcome gift of 3,000 Czech crowns (approx. 118 $ ) on the occasion of the digital market entry of the King’s Casino. However, users who had clicked on the advertisement at the time were not forwarded to the King’s Casinos’ homepages.

20 million $ compensation

Through the judgment of the Prague Court, the first domino stone in the legal dispute between the two parties has finally fallen. Tsoukernik and the King’s Casino only book legal success against Facebook as a stage win. According to his own statement, the casino operator had sued the US company for a payment payment. In the room would Half a billion Czech crowns (approx. 20 million $ ) stand.

If further advertisements with the trademark rights of the King’s Casino appear on Facebook in the course of the upcoming negotiations, Tsoukernik would be forced to increase the sum and to request even higher compensation. Die Economic newspaper reported in this regard that the casino owner assumed the aid to fraud to the US group. Facebook would have nothing against the illegal and misleading advertisements undertaked. To make matters worse, the Internet giant even earned money.

No more advertisements. The entire scenario around the illegal advertisements occurred during the Corona Lockdown. At that time, all terrestrial gambling facilities were closed due to the prevailing restrictions. The King’s casino in the Czech Republic was no exception in this regard. Since the restrictions were almost completely dismantled and normal life has returned, no advertisements with the names of the King’s Casinos have been switched on Facebook.

Several illegitities

As part of the judgment, the Prague court did not focus exclusively on the violation of trademark rights, but also took into account other violations of the law in the decision. So have the ad violate the applicable provisions of gambling advertising. In addition, the warning of the ministry was not implemented in the display of potential addiction development.

No lucky license. It is still not known whether a company, an individual or a group are behind the illegal advertisements. Facebook did not comment on this either. However, the Prague court was not deterred by this in his verdict. Both the violation of the advertising regulations and the lack of addiction prevention measures are clear indications that the advertisements connected come from a dubious sources. According to the court, this does not have a required license or approval in order to be able to legally and responsibly.

The court ruling now had Facebook. Accordingly, the US company now has a 15-day appeal period to To contest or accept the judgment. In principle, however, it would also be possible for both parties to reach an agreement out of court. However, since there has been no open or clarifying conversation in the past four months, neither Tsoukernik nor his lawyer highly appreciate the opportunities for an out -of -court settlement.