Wrong accusations against the machine economy?

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Lennart folder 24. April 2019

Automatic games are not only popular in game stores, but are also among the particularly popular games of chance on the Internet. This may also be related to the fact that Slot Games are diverse, bring thematic variety and of course also offer the chance of huge profits. But there are other differences to other games of chance such as poker or blackjack, especially in terms of technical point of view. This is also a reason, which is why there are numerous legal requirements for slot machines to limit illegal gambling and gambling addiction. Now, however, addiction researchers raise serious allegations: the machine industry is intended to deliberately ignore laws. But is that true?

Georg Stecker is the spokesman for the board at DAW.

Automats allegedly allow inserts that are too high

Not everyone who goes to a casino also sits on a slot machine. These can be found primarily in game stores, even if many Slot Games have now made a way to casino. but no matter where machines are set up in USA, here and there the same legal requirements apply to gambling machines. die legal regulations have changed, however, and especially in the recent past. because at the latest since slot games has also dominated online casinos and more and more people succumb to the charm of colorful reels, politics also deals with this emerging gambling phenomenon. 2014, for example, was one until then Valid game ordinance for slot machines amended. After a transition period, new regulations have been in effect since November 2018, when it comes to the maximum game amount or the operation. The amendment to the law looked as follows:

  • The maximum use per game must not exceed 20 cents.
  • The maximum profit per game is limited to 2 $ .
  • Loss may not be achieved more than 60 $ within an hour.
  • A maximum profit of 400 $ was set for the same period.

After a recent investigation of the American main office for addiction questions (DHS) Should reality differ far from the theory. Allegedly, at many machines set up in this country, it should still be possible to make higher operations, to make more loss or to make significantly higher profits within the legally specified period of 60 minutes.

“Technical tricks leverage the machine industry in a blatant manner. The devices attract potential profits that represent a considerable asset. ”

DAW vehemently denies allegations

In its explanation, the DHS even published concretized explanations to show how providers of slot machines would undermine the legal requirements. This is made possible by a relatively simple procedure, which means that a Gap in the wording of the legal text be exploited. there, the regulation of the game operation is limited to euro amounts. in some slot machines, however, money amounts would be made in one Point system convicted that the players could then “park” on a kind of bank. these points, in turn, can be used as euro amounts to play. however, there are no restrictions on the use of points, so that the equivalent of significantly higher operations and, consequently, higher digits are also possible. if you then add any free and special games, even more extreme profit and loss teams are to be achieved. this is a blatant for the dhs Violation of gambling lawsthat had originally been adopted to prevent gambling addiction and their consequences. The DHS researchers therefore speak of an “urgent need for action for the legislator”.

DAW vehemently denies allegations

It should not surprise little that a reaction on the part of those responsible did not long for long. The American Automatism Industry (DAW), a umbrella organization that was founded from the Association of the American Automatic Industry (VDAI), the American Automatic Großhandelsverband (DAGV), the Federal Association of Automatic Company (BA) and the Forum of Automotive Enterprises, rejects the allegations of the DHS vehemently.

“All devices that are set up in legal arcades and in the ordinary gastronomy were checked and approved by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). The PTB may only allow the design of a device if the requirements of the game regulation are met. This proves: The companies in the machine industry adhere to the strict legal requirements. ”

Georg Stecker, ceo of the umbrella organization, refers primarily to the responsible testing points that all machines have to check and release and release all machines before their use in casino, casinos, gastronomic companies and the like. such an obvious deception as the dhs accuses the American automatic economy is therefore practically not to be implemented and contradicts the serious activity of the machine providers anyway. in fact, this year the daw was already committed to a regulated and safe gambling in public. the umbrella organization had the former international Bastian Schweinsteiger as a testimonial Secured, which campaigned for “legal arcades that adhere to law and law” – on the Internet as well as on TV. For the DAW, the allegations are therefore baseless. The DHS has so far failed to provide specific evidence.