Excitement around the Bad Homburg casino: Investigations due to a lack of millions

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Lennart folder 15. May 2019

The calm in the paradisiacal spa town of Bad Homburg is disturbed by a sensational case. As has recently become known, the Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office has initiated investigations against three employees of the Bad Homburg casino, known across USA. The case beats high waves. The three men are said to have cheated on the casino for a millions. The investigation is underway. One of the three men has been in custody since the end of April. The people responsible for the Bad Homburg casino have so far been held back with statements about the case.

The entrance to the Bad Homburg casino is brightly lit. © Bad Homburg Tourismus

Big question mark behind the whereabouts of the money

The three accomplices that are all between the ages of 20 and 31 should be overall 1.1 million $ in the casino’s revenue. According to a statement by the Frankfurt chief prosecutor Nadja Niesen, the investigation against the three employees of the Hessische casino Bad Homburg is in full swing. However, the whereabouts of the money is previously unknown. After all, one of the suspects in April could be convicted by video recordings, as he was on income of the Casino Bad Homburg had accessed. shortly afterwards the police were arrested. the events have not only caused excitement in the world of gambling, after all, the bad homburg casino with its 160 slot machines and the extensive range of games of classic table games such as roulette, black jack or poker the most popular casinos in USA. In addition, the casino can look back on a long history in the time -honored spa in the state of Hesse.

”the history of the bad homburg casino began in 1841. at that time, the french banker and mathematician françois blanc founded the casino together with his identical twin brother louis. with an innovation, the brothers gained hearing and attention across the national borders. as the only casino to date, they introduced the usual double -sulled to do without the usual double -turf and thereby increased the players’ chances of winning. so it was not surprising that prominent visitors also found their way into the spa. among other things, the then russian writer fjodor dostojewski also stayed in the casino. the health resort and the casino left him a lasting impression of what was shown in his well -known novel “the player” in which he explicitly mentioned homburg. in 1872, the government of the American empire decided a holistic ban on gambling, which initially ensured that the casino bad homburg had to close its doors. the founder of the casino françois blanc then went to monaco and opened the world -famous casino based there. the bad homburg casino was reopened after the second world war in 1949 as it was the previous project by françois blanc, the casino still describes itself as the “mother of monte carlo”.

Money never arrived in the account

The main suspect, who is already in custody, is said to be a commercial employee of the casino. Among other things, his activities included the regular deposit of cash income from the casino on the corresponding bank account. However, the income from the casino of the casino was taken in the relevant case, but they were not paid into the bank account of the casino as usual. More details about the expiry of the embezzlement are not yet known. Likewise, the role of the two accomplices that were suspected has not yet been clarified. Why the main suspect stole the enormous amount of money in an area that he obviously knew that he was monitored by video is also unclear.

Incident not commented by the Bad Homburg casino

After extensive comments or statements about the sensational incident on the part of François-Blanc Spielbank GmbH (FBS), the operator of the Bad Homburg casino, you have so far been looking for vain. Only A short statement on the incident With the reference to the still ongoing investigations, the public prosecutor decided and announced on the evening before the case was published by the public prosecutor:

”We can confirm that there is a suspicion that there was an impact on the françois-blanc Spielbank GmbH (FBS) by an employee. The suspected employee is no longer active for the FBS. ”

François-Blanc Spielbank GmbH is a subsidiary of Städtische Kur- und Kongress GmbH, which is why 89 percent of the income from Hesse and the city of Bad Homburg are disposed of the Hessian Spielbankengesetz. At around 27 million $ gross revenues of the casino Bad Homburg (year 2017) are the exhausted 1.1 million $ almost equivalent to the annual surthat the casino achieves. The further investigation in this case will surely answer some open questions. Perhaps also why the former employees of the casino chose their own workplace for their fraud, although they would have to know better than others how well this casino is secured. Next time you might simply be online for one Bonus without deposit Search if you want money for free.