Evolution Gaming before taking NetEnt takeover

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Peter Brandt July 1, 2020

According to current information, the online gambling provider Evolution Gaming is planning to take over the developer Netent-for a considerable amount. This emerges from a recently published press release. According to Evolution Gaming, the game developer Netent, who particularly often programs digital gambling for online casinos, has a first-class portfolio. However, the step for Evolution Gaming makes sense, in particular, shares in particular could benefit from the upcoming takeover for a horrendous amount.

The online gambling provider Evolution Gaming plans the takeover of the developer Netent-for a considerable amount. ((© Mayyay666 / Pihabay)

International gaming market in front of a major upheaval

Anyone who deals with gambling every now and then should be the name Evolution Gaming have already heard. Because the online casino group from Sweden is pretty much At every important gaming fair fair represented to present new games and projects. Evolution Gaming is generally considered the world market leader in the area of live casino and was already awarded several times.

The name is not exactly stranger NetEnt. However, this is less a company with which friends of digital online gambling or inpatient gaming machines come into with. Rather, Netent is one of the world’s best known game developers for online casinos. However, both have in common that they are primarily active in the B2B area.

That is why the message has that Evolution is planning, To buy in the foreseeable future, especially under the high -ranking company representatives in the industry, a quake. Because it is already clear that Evolution Gaming should gain considerable market shares in many parts of the globe. However, the purchase of Netent is not a bargain. All in all, Evolution Gaming will have to put 1.9 billion $ on the table.

“The combination of the strong offer of evolution in the live casino segment with the leading position of Netent in online slots will lead to a first-class portfolio of online games that enables us to operate a growing customer base. In addition, through the established US position of NetEnt in combination with the existing US studios of Evolution and the strategy for the first regulated market, we are put into a cheap position to benefit from ongoing regulation in North America. ” – Jens von Bahr, CEO, Evolution Gaming, Evolution Gaming press release

Experienced shareholders must agree with deal

With the planned takeover of Netent, Evolution Gaming aims to worldwide largest B2B company within the gambling industry to become. However, another goal can certainly be identified. Since a market with enormous economic potential has arisen after the legalization of gambling in large parts of the United States and is already well networked and well known on the US market, the takeover opens a lucrative goal beyond the Atlantic.

However, the whole thing is still a hurdle. Because logically all shareholders must still agree to the takeover of the takeover. To ensure that overcoming this hurdle is only a matter of form, Mathias Hedlund, currently head of Netent, has called for all stakeholders to agree to the deal.

“Lately, Netent has significantly improved its skills for technology and product development and thus its growth prospects and at the same time achieved a strong position in the US states that are open to the online casino. With this deal there are unique opportunities to form a worldwide leading B2B provider of online casinos that uses market development with progressive digitization and strong growth, especially in North America. The position of Evolution in the live casino in combination with the position of NetEnt in online slots is created a company that is well positioned to gain significant market shares. This transaction begins a new chapter in the development of a more entertaining online casino in the best interest of players, operators, employees and shareholders. ” – Mathias Hedlund, CEO, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming press release

In order to make the current owners of Netent shares really tasty, to give the takeover okay, Evolution Gaming has made a consistently lucrative offer to the current Netent shareholders: From August 17 to October 26, 2020 Exchange Netent shares for company shares in Evolution Gaming. So far, 45 percent of all NetEnt participants have already agreed to agree to the takeover.