European Gaming Congress 2020

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Peter Brandt 14. October 2020

The European Gaming Congress 2020 is all about regulating online gambling in Western Europe. Representatives of the industry, legal experts and regulators from Great Britain, the Netherlands and France have exchanged information at the conference on both the current and future parameters of the online gambling. The fear increases that the increasingly stricter guidelines of industry will present the providers on the market with great challenges.

Only 14 online drivers are currently active on the French gaming market. ((©TheDigitalArtist/Pixabay)

New law in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the local online providers for gambling expect drastic changes in their industry from March 1, 2021. The parliament had passed last year that the national gambling market should be regulated by law. Although this was accompanied by liberalization of the online segment, the extensive prevention measures against gambling addiction mean strict requirements for the individual operators. the Dutch gambling authority Kanspelautoriteit (KSA) In this regard, license applications will be accepted from January 1, 2021.

Gambling regulation in the Netherlands. The entry into force of the new law for a uniform regulation of the Dutch gambling market was repeatedly postponed due to inconsistencies in parliament. Nevertheless, the different parties provide for an opening of the industry for private providers, they could not completely agree on many points.

The license allocation is bound to a strict control, the guidelines of which are recorded in the new Gambling Act. In addition to player protection, advertising for online gambling is also completely redefined. Especially that Engagement of influencers should be circumcised. In addition, the individual providers will be obliged to carry out a risk analysis of their offers in the future. The resulting results should flow into the strategies for addiction prevention and advertising.

Hard circumcisions in Great Britain

On the British island, the voices are getting louder after “over -regulation”. The expected developments at the legal level should only reinforce this tenor. So Joe Evans, Managing Editor at Gambling Compliance, announced that the gambling in Great Britain was probably still there more regulatory measures must calculate. The legislative plan in this regard A new gambling law, which could bring new restrictions.

One reason for the new regulation initiative is the continued pressure by players. the Strong lobby of the anti-gambling player I have already been able to make the government in many ways. Practical measures such as a ban on gaming sponsorship in sport are as good as decided.

Gaming sponsorship in the Netherlands. The government in the Netherlands is currently under great pressure and therefore wants to ban all types of gaming sponsorship in sport or restrict rigids. Joe Evans, Managing Editor at Gambling Compliance, assumes that the first measures could be implemented in a few weeks.

According to Evans, the portfolio of planned restrictions for the British gaming market is generously equipped. Similar to USA, the Introduction of a commitment limits for virtual slot machines discussed. In this country, this measure was implemented as part of the new Gaming State Treaty.

France: ban on online casinos

French legislation still provides for a ban on online casinos. The European law still works on the French market. The number of 14 online operators is still extremely low in a European comparison. One reason for this “underdevelopment” are the high taxes And the general ban.

The French gambling authority L’Arité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ) are bound by the hands of the official Simon Leymarie. He does not interpret the tasks and obligations of the authority in connection with tax and legal changes. For this area the Political To take care of. The ANJ is responsible for the company of the online gambling Transparent guidelines to provide.

France’s gambling market comparable to USA. The French online gambling market is in a similar situation to USA before the new state of Gaming in this country was passed in this country. Online providers for gambling can offer their service in France with a valid license despite the national ban. The reason: EU law provides for freedom of competition and service that collides with the French legislative. This creates a legal gray area.

The French gaming authority sees Leymarie primarily as cooperating element that the individual industry players gave transparency. Nevertheless, one also works in a controlling function and sanctions are also possible in the event of an infringement of specifications within the framework of what is possible.