EU gambling association: new guideline for gambling advertising

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Peter Brandt 6. May 2020

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has drawn up new guidelines for gambling advertising in all media formats to maintain youth protection. The supranational gambling authority recently presented the new code of conduct in Brussels. The purpose of the modernized regulations is intended to be a uniform and binding standard throughout Europe, which sets clear rules for all media formats with regard to the broadcast of advertising that have to do with games of chance of any kind. The EGBA is thus responding to numerous national events of the past and the subsequent different national attempts to draw its own guidelines for gambling advertising.

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has drawn up new guidelines for gambling advertising in all media formats to maintain youth protection. ((©PhotoMIX-Company/Pixabay)

EU wants to create uniform guidelines for gambling advertising across Europe

In many EU countries, such incidents in which the legislation of the respective country has passed a new legal text relatively quickly after the internet, radio, radio or the Internet Radiation or display of advertising legs Signed for playing in an online casino.

The last media, especially in the media, was able to be observed in Norway. Here was the problem that Also advertising from gambling providers on Norwegian television It was seen that in Norway there was no good luck license, thus operating illegally on the Norwegian market and therefore should not have been switched on. Ultimately, it was shown that it was a technical problem, because the corresponding commercials were broadcast on broadcasters from abroad, but which were also received in Norway.

This incident, but also numerous other developments in the recent past, now initiated the EGBA, own guidelines To write that is holistic with gambling advertising and should be binding for all countries all over the European inland space, also for Norway. The Scandinavian country is not a member of the European Union, but still tied closely to the European inland space. That is why EU legislation is binding for Norway.

“Due to the accession to the European Economic Area EEA, Norway is a full member of the EU internal market. For us, however, this means that we have to take over the EU’s rules without being able to influence the decisions themselves. In addition, we are part of the Schengen area, EU-wide police cooperation and defense and security policy. One can say that our cooperation with the EU includes almost all areas. ”

Modernized standards should ensure youth protection

Even if the new guidelines for gambling advertising within the European community Direct reaction to recent events related to gambling advertising in EU member countries can be interpreted, this legal advance does not come completely unexpected.

Because only recently the European Parliament had initiated some reforms to new Guidelines for audiovisual media to set up in particular for More youth protection on the Internet should worry, for example on video platforms such as YouTube.

The new guidelines for advertising contents from the gaming sector are therefore also strongly based on the EU Audio Visual Media Services Directive, which can be understood as a general guideline for advertising design within the EU. Maarten Haijer, General Secretary of the European Gaming and Betting Association, said that the new guidelines are primarily formulating rules for the specific advertising content.

“We are very satisfied to present the EGBA behavioral code for responsible gambling advertising, which sets high standards in the protection of minors and socially responsible advertising.”

In summary, it can be said that the new EU determination clearly indicates that Gambling advertising neither directly nor indirectly aimed at minors may be. There are also clear regulations when and on which platforms can be broadcast.

Focus on social networks

The EGBA paid great attention to the respective in the design of the new EU directive Profiles from gambling providers on social media like Facebook or Instagram. In the future, gambling companies will have to take technical measures in order to refuse to access their own social media profiles.

At the same time, providers are obliged to organize campaigns over Responsible playing and any risks in the online gambling game to name. Haijer therefore wants the EU directive to be understood as a kind of code of conduct.

“The EGBA is committed to promoting standards in the entire online gambling sector. These are important measures that in our opinion should be taken by gaming companies to protect their customers and ensure that their advertising is carried out in an ethical and socially responsible way. We ask all online gambling companies to adhere to the rules. ”