Entain launcht Innovation Hub

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Peter Brandt February 4, 2023

Entain plans to open a global innovation center under the name “Ennovate” in London. The gambling group recently announced this by press release. A total investment of around 100 million GBP is planned for the ambitious project. The money should flow into innovative projects, start-ups and cooperation with British, European and global partners. Around 40 million are planned for the domestic market in Great Britain.

VR and AR technology is particularly tested in the gaming industry. ((©Mateo/Unsplash)

Pioneer of interactive entertainment

With Ennovate, Entain pursues the goal of worldwide leading provider of interactive entertainment climb. The group wants to offer their own customer base great products and exciting moments. The Innovation Hub is intended to serve as the cornerstone to provide the latest technology and promote progressive inventors. The British gaming market, who has to accept a tax increase for casinos from April 2023should particularly benefit.

According to Entain, the media, entertainment and games would continue to grow together. This results in the fact that customers expect a greater variety of content. Immersive experiences, personalization and social intercations are in the foreground. For this reason, the development of new content would above all Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) play an important role.

Ennovate works for a launch with various partners. Also there are Verizon, BT and Theta Labs, who will incorporate their know -how and expertise into the innovation Hub. Characteristic organization are also part of the project. They should use the innovative technologies that provide Ennovate to Added value for society and the environment to accomplish. Every partner-whether commercially or non-profit-works with their own tech teams from Entain to promote their ideas.

Jette Nygaard-Andersen, managing director of Entain, explains:

“We want to be on the market with new, exciting products and experiences. We will use our top technology to drive innovations in the areas of interactive entertainment, sports and gaming […]. Together with partners around the world, Ennovate will demonstrate how Entain’s industry leadership can revolutionize both the experience for consumers and bring real advantages. ”Jette Nygaard-Andersen, Managing Director of Entain Official press release from Entain

Launch in spring 2023

An exact date for the opening of the Innovation Hub has not yet been determined, but in his press release, however, Entain has scheduled the launch of his project for the coming spring. The gigantic technology center should am Charterhouse Square, Farringdon, entstehen. The region is considered The British version of the world -famous Silicon Valley And houses the headquarters of Tikkok and Snapchat, among other things.

The innovation hub will Equipped with the latest technologyto create a unique environment for the development of ideas and implementation. For example, a special space for virtual reality is planned by interacting in a computer -generated environment.

However, the heart of Ennovate is the so -called “Experience Zone”. This should enable customers, investors, partners and also employees to try immersive experiences in sport, gaming and interactive entertainment. New ideas and technology could tested for your market maturity will.

Metaversum. In his press release, Entain continuously speaks of “Metaversum”. The cryptic term stands for the diverse entertainment technologies and products that are supposed to emerge from the Innovation Hub.

Immersive experiences in the gaming industry

With his advance in technology terrain that has not yet been researched, Entain appears as a kind of pioneer. Virtual reality, augmented reality and other advanced technologies are still far from being an established component in the global gambling industry. The Asian market is considered the pioneer. According to various studies, this is mainly due to the distribution and social acceptance of VR, AR and Co. in western hemispheres Such technology still has a niche existence.

The gaming industry is quite a bit further. Video games are developed and distributed especially on the basis of VR and AR technology. Such applications are rarely found in online casinos. According to experts, this is on the one hand on the Age structure of the target groups. On the other hand, technological differences also played a not unimportant role. To date, video games with more complex graphics and sound effects would be better than applications from the gaming industry.

Revolution on the march? There are already isolated VR casino games today. Some providers on the Internet have dared to take the step and cooperate with game developers such as Netent, Pragmatic Play or Microgaming, all of whom have a VR division. With his innovation Hub, Entain could have started a revolution in the segment. Both the total budget of 100 million GBP and the cooperation with numerous partners promise technological innovations for the gaming industry.