English casinos celebrate reopening

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Peter Brandt July 24, 2020

Finally the time has come and the waiting has come to an end. On August 1st, casinos in England are allowed to receive guests again – if only with restrictions. These restrictions will certainly only be happy to accept casino operators and guests, provided that this means that the game tables of English casinos can be played again. The entire British casino industry had recently exerted massive pressure on Boris Johnson after decided on July 1st that Bingo halls could be opened again. Betting agencies have also been active again since mid -July. Now finally casinos are moving.

For a long time, nothing works in English casinos-unfortunately only not at the roulette table, but in all casino buildings. But the vacancy will soon come to an end. ((©stux/Pixabay)

Strict hygiene and security measures

A lot of the most famous island is happening again, especially in England. As is known, Great Britain is one of the nations on the globe, which are particularly struggling with the spread of the coronavirus, but the situation seems to be getting under control. This is the only way to explain that As of August 1, 2020, all stationary gaming sites are allowed to receive guests again.

At least this was Prime Minister Boris Johnson in prospect. Last Friday, he had publicly announced that after Bingo-Hallen and betting agencies, casinos could ultimately also open in English soil. Of course, it does not work without any restrictions and hygiene and security requirements.

The necessary Measures to effectively counter a possible spread of the coronavirusare largely based on the rules that land -based sports betting providers had already decided in mid -July and largely implemented.

The central corona security and hygiene regulations in English casinos from August 1, 2020

  • As in all other buildings, the maximum permitted number of approved guests must be based on the infrastructural conditions of the respective casino.
  • Casino visitors are only allowed to move to a limited extent. Certain standard routes, for example to the sanitary facilities, must be taken on prescribed routes.
  • Every casino guest who wants to actively participate in the games of chance receives “personal” jetons that can only be used by the assigned person and unique.
  • Guests are not obliged to wear a protective and breathing mask during the stay in the casino, the casino employees, especially the dealers, will all be equipped with a protective mask. In addition, transparent protective walls made of plexiglass are to be installed between individual seats, especially at the slot machines.
  • A special feature that can hardly be found elsewhere affects a measure for body temperature measurement. Casino visitors must agree to have their body temperature measured if the casino operator requires this. However, temperature measurements should not take place regularly, but are limited to times when the casino building is almost busy.

Jonathon Swaine hopes and fears

For many English casinos, the green light issued by Prime Minister Johnsen is probably just at the right time for reopening, because casinos had and still had and still have in Great Britain sometimes enormous economic problems. In order to remain competitive, the following step had to be completed in August. Previously, the House of Lords, the British Parliament, already had the doors for one New regulation of the British gambling market open.

Already this measure The British Gambling Association Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) welcomed, however, pointed out that, in particular for larger casino operators-unlike for, for example, small betting shops-it is an enormous challenge precisely because of the larger premises Social Distancing to comply.

Overall, however, the Joy over a possible upward trend Compared to the fear of the great challenges, and the hope that the entire British gaming industry, for which stationary casinos is still of importance, is still very important, especially in economic terms.

“We are lucky with our casinos that, despite a maximum permitted visitor capacity of 50 percent, they will generally be very spacious venues. We don’t have the problems that have pubs (…). The screens, the disinfectant and the additional measures we took were significant investments. We absolutely believe that this is the right thing to calm our guests. ” – Jonathon Swaine, Managing Director of Grosvenor Casinos, bbc.com