England: Open up betting shops again

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Maximilian Deininger February 26, 2021

Bookmakers and betting agencies in England may start operating again from April 12, 2021. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this as part of his planned Corona loosening. As in many other countries, the British gambling market is hermetically sealed off due to the pandemic situation. Despite the circulating mutation, the local sports betting market should be allowed to open its doors to the players again. On May 17th, bingo and arcades as well as national-based casinos are to follow.

According to betting shops and bookmakers, the British casinos and arcades should also be allowed to open again. ((©stokpic/Pixabay)

Conceptual loosening

Since the beginning of January, England has been in a sharp lockdown that provides much more far-reaching output and restrictions than in USA. Boris Johnson now has this restrictive status quo with one extensive opening plan The fight announced. The British government therefore intends to All applicable corona restrictions in England until June 21st. The concept presented provides for a staggered loosening in both public life and in the economic sector. As the first stage, schools and other educational institutions are to be opened from March 8th.

High number of infections. Corona pandemic in Great Britain is particularly raging on the European continent. The country has been struggling enormously with the effects of the virus for several months. Although the situation seemed to calm down at the turn of the year, the past January 2021 marked a new maximum value in terms of new infections. According to the official figures of the “Johns Hopkins University (JHU)”, over 68,000 new infections were registered on January 10, 2021.

The second stage of the conceptual loosening should come into force from April 12, 2021. In addition to museums, libraries, pubs and restaurants, bookmakers and betting shops can also open their shops again. Although the gaming industry was not mentioned by name in Boris Johnson’s statement, a spokesman for the British Prime Minister confirmed to the press that The sports betting market falls into the second stage of loosening. In contrast, further areas of gambling are only taken into account in the last step of the opening plan, which is planned for May 17th. These include, for example, state -based casinos and casinos.

The announced loosening of the British governments are likely to let both the population and the British gambling industry breathe. However, the notorious Damocles sword hovers over the opening plan, since the Further development of pandemic in England could cause a change of direction at any time. In the worst case, already approved loosening could be reversed.

Industry association is heard

The British Gambling Commission “Betting & Gaming Council (BGC)” had demanded several times due to the continued restrictions for the industry, To keep loosening for the stationary offer. With the announcement of the opening plan, the regular appeal to the government now seems to be bearing fruit.

For example, the BGC has repeatedly advocated relief in the past few weeks, since the industry had already proven in the summer that it was in contrast to other areas of the economy have a functioning hygiene concept could. Thanks to first-class anti-Covid measures, it was able to successfully protect both your own employees and the customers from infection despite the rampant pandemic.

England as a pioneer. The staggered cancellation of the lockdown should initially only apply to England, but Boris Johnson indicated as part of his announcement that bookmakers and players from the other countries of Britain can also have reason to hope. The English government works closely with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to obtain similar loosening in said countries.

USA: demand for loosening

In contrast to Great Britain, the gambling industry in USA can initially No legitimate hope for the termination of the lockdown make. Even if normal school lessons are to start again, public life and economy are still responsible for the restrictive conditions of the Lockdown.

In this regard, the Federal Association of the Service Economics (BDWI) called for the termination of the current shutdown in an open letter. The demands listed include the hospitality, retail and also the stationary arcades and casinos in the country. As a basis for argument, the fact that the companies from the individual areas do not contribute to the spread of the coronavirus would. At the same time, the first instance had adhered to all government’s requirements in order to defy the Pandemic challenges. For example, arcades would have set up their own protective concepts in order to be able to offer a range of health that is harmless. For this reason, according to the BDWI President Michael H. Heinz, the maintenance of the lockdown is an unprecedented restriction of fundamental rights, which are no longer conveyed to this extent of the population. In addition, the Preliminary march of illegal gambling clearly showed how important the state -licensed offer is in the Federal Republic.