Encrochat: illegal gambling

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Maximilian Deininger 15. November 2021

The ex-soccer stars Dirk Kyut and Wesley Sneijder are interrogated as part of the encrochate investigations. They are accused of having played illegal gambling or being involved. Procedures are currently underway in connection with the former Measurement service Encrochat – including in the Netherlands. In the course of the investigation, the local police came across illegal gambling activities by the two former footballers.

Both Wesley Sneijder and Dirk Kyut are considered national heroes in the Netherlands due to their football careers. ((© Emilio Garcia/Unplash)

Dark parallel world

The judicial systems in the European countries currently have their hands full. The reason is the investigation breakthroughs in the case of Encrochat. The company made encrypted communication services available until its destruction and offered both the encryption system for chat messages and mosquito -safe cell phones. This offer portfolio was in particular in criminal circles in great demand. Drug and arms trade, murder orders and Illegal gambling Grassed through the encrochat systems. This gives numerous investigations.

Investigations to encochat. The systems of Encrochat were not considered to be deciphered for a long time. The police authorities of many EU countries tried to break through the cheating barrier for months and years. However, this stood for a long time before French and Dutch police authorities were able to successfully infiltrate the encrypted network in spring 2020. Through mailware, they came to information on cell phones from Encrochat customers. The officers were able to read all chat gradients including the names of drug dealers, information about weapon and drug purchases, money laundering, bribes and murder orders.

In the Netherlands, ex-footballers Wesley Sneijder and Dirk Kyut are said to in connection with illegal gaming activitiesthat have not yet been uncovered by the encrypted systems of Enctochat. According to the Dutch police, the national heroes would be under observation and would have to face a persistent interrogation.

Connection to infamous drug boss

By decrypting the Encrochat data, the police in the Netherlands learned that Sneijder and Kyut had complied with gambling activities on the “Edobet” website. However, the online platform is on the black list and is considered illegal in the Netherlands. The website not only has a valid lucky license, but was also founded by Freddy S. Son of drug and underworld boss Piet S. The Dutch police assume that “Edobet” should wash funds from drug transactions.

Sneijder and Kyut would have gambled large sums in the illegal online casino. The police did not want to provide any details in this regard, but the Dutch newspaper “Algemeen Dagblad” wants to have learned by an insight into the investigative files that Kyut sometimes round Applied 25,000 $ per day hat.

The news portal “NOS” recently reported on Sneijder’s gambling activities on “Edobet”. The Dutch ex-soccer star had accumulated high play debts on the illegal platform, which he is not said to have repaid. Then he and his family are Violence threatened several times have been.

Statements of the accused. Dirk Kyut admitted to the police to have played on “Edobet”. In the context of the interrogation, it also came out that he had partially accepted payments in cash. According to reports Dutch media, the police can accuse him of participating in money laundering. Sneijder, on the other hand, rejected any with “Edobet”.

Procedure in USA

Encrochat has also triggered a medium earthquake in USA. According to press reports, the investigation in this country is extremely difficult and delicate. The authorities in the individual federal states should be Evaluate gigantic data records and bring them into an understandable context. In Bremen alone, the responsible authorities would have to fight through two million chats and cope with 143 investigation. In order to be able to do justice to this, the Senate has approved around 39 additional positions at the police, prosecutor and district court.

A court trial in Berlin provides great media attention. The focus is on Clank rimity. Four men from the Berlin Remmo clan are supposed to be encrypted by Encrochat driven out heavy weapons have- two Uzi machine guns, a self-loading and a assault rifle. The accused are also accused of drug transactions on a large scale. According to the Berlin police, there would be several hundred kilograms of amphetamines and hashish as well as cocaine in the double -digit kilogram range in the room.

Numerous arrest warrants. As the Federal Criminal Police Office reports, 900 arrest warrants have already been carried out as part of the Encrochat investments. It is assumed that the number will increase in the next few weeks and months. In addition, more than 300 firearms were confiscated in USA and about 230 million in assets were secured. The authorities classified the investigation as a great success, but also came to the realization that law enforcement needs more resources.