Elky and Negreanu receive titles

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Lennart folder 8. November 2019

On Sunday, the WSope ended in 2019 with the Colossus Event in the King´s Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier secured the title. The 38-year-old Poker Pro prevailed against a total of 2,738 participants and can look forward to a prize money of 190,375 $ in addition to the Golden Bracelet. Daniel Negreanu is also awarded.

The two poker professionals Elky and Daniel Negreanu were able to look forward to an award in the 2019 WSope. ((©StockSnap/Pixabay)

Elky wins the Colossus Event in the King’s Casino

The Colossus Event in the King’s Casino in Prague was played on a total of nine starting days. The price pool was a whopping 1,300,550 $ , which 313 players divided among themselves in the paid places of a total of 2,738. On the last day of the WSope 2019, only 11 players were left. In the end could Enter Elky and win the tournament. The Frenchman secured the golden bracelet and prize money of 190,375 $ .

Who is Elky? bertrand grospellier, called “elky”, is a french poker professional and esportler from melun, france. his career began in the online poker area. in the meantime, however, he has switched to live tournaments. overall, elky has a career prize money of around $ 14 million. he now lives in prague and often plays in the king’s resort. before his poker career, elky was active in the field of esports and just as successful. in the games starcraft and warcraft iii, he is still considered one of the best players. he was also used in the liquid team for the hearthstone game.

This is how the final table ran off

The American Shaun Deeb and the American Pasquale Braco said goodbye to the tournament before the final table. The latter had some exciting and nerve -wracking hands to offer during the game. It took around six hours of play time to Only Avraham Dayan from Israel and Bertrand Grospellier were left and confronted themselves in heads-up.

Here it went down properly until a decision was made in the final hand. Elyk had Pockets 10 on the button and Raiste. Dayan had Ace Kreuz on hand and reacted with a re-raise. In his part, Elyk replied with an all-in that was called by Dayan. There was no help for Dayan on the board with 7 heart, 4 cross, 2 pik, 3 caro and 4 pik. Elyk won with Two Pair And secured the victory and the desirable bracelet. After the last hand, the tension at Elyk fell visibly:

“It means a lot because it is so difficult to get one. I got the first game from the World Series after five or six years, but that was eight years ago. It is also something special because it is much more difficult to win with so many participants. If there are 2,700 participants in the field, you have to be lucky at some point to win. Of course you also have to play well, but that’s such a rare opportunity. […] Now I’m the first. “

Daniel Negreanu secures the title again

Not only the Frenchman had every reason to be happy. The world-famous poker professional Daniel Negreanu was also able to look forward to an award. The Canadian secured For the third time the title “WSOP player of the year”. Before the Colossus Event, there were four players about the award in the race. Daniel Negreanu was in the lead with 3,971.54 points. This was followed by Robert Campbell with 3,857.97 points, Shaun Deeb with 3,710.64 points and the former World Poker Tour Player of the Year (Poy) Anthony Zinno with 3,270.33 points.

After Negreanu had already left 195th place at the Colossus Event, Shaun Deep had the opportunity to catch up with the Canadian with 365 points. So that he could still contest the title Negreanu, he should have ended the tournament to 5th place. But it was only enough for 11th place. In the end they meant 3,917.34 Total points for the American 3rd place in the ranking Behind the Australian Robert Campell.

The “WSOP player of the year” is determined every year. The points ranking refers to a total of 83 bracelet events in Las Vegas and 14 Bracelet tournaments in Rozvadov. The players receive for every participation in such an event Poy points according to the prize money that they achieve. If the players do not come in cash places, they do not get points. There are also some requirements that must be considered for the ranking:

  • According to the currency of the event, the buy-in must be at least 300.
  • There must be at least $ 250,000 in the price pool.
  • The field of participants in a tournament must be at least 10 players.
  • Casino employees are excluded from the ranking.
  • Participation in senior, super senior or ladies events do not have any points.

The Colossus Event also ended die Turnierserie World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE) 2019 And at the same time set a new record. 15 bracelets were played, a total of 7,050 entries could be counted and the Total pricing pool was at a new high with 29,378,051 $ . Numerous players are already looking forward to the series in the new year. Perhaps new records will be set again.