EFL for gambling sponsoring

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Maximilian Deininger October 30, 2020

According to the EFL, football clubs should continue to be sponsored by gambling and sports betting providers. The English football league (EFL), the country’s second highest football league after the Premier League, spoke out against a ban on the official website and for such partnerships and cooperation between clubs and gambling providers. However, the focus is on the fact that only responsible gambling is promoted. Nevertheless, the criticism of gambling sponsorship continues.

The English football league supports responsible sponsorship of English clubs by gambling providers. ((¡GOLMOL/IMURE/IRUR.)

EFL and sponsors are working on safe and responsible gambling

The discussion about advertising for gambling and sports betting providers on, for example, jerseys or stadium gangs of English football teams has been running hot for a long time. The sponsorship activity of gambling providers is a thorn in the side of many. the English football league (EFL) However, if the cooperation with the providers sees from a different perspective and now refers to a clear position in an official press release, but primarily pointed out that responsible gambling With the EFL sponsor Sky Bet.

“The EFL continues to lead an open and regular dialogue with all relevant interest groups – including the government – about the ongoing relationships between football to the gaming industry to ensure that their partnerships are activated in a responsible manner. The connection between football and the gambling sector has long existed and offers a partnership-based, evidence-based approach to prevent gambling damage, which is far more useful than a general ban on any kind. ”EFL, English football league, Press release on the official website of the English football league EFL

The safe gambling is particularly placed on the jerseys of the players. In 70 percent of the cases, advertising is also clear gambling with clear messages. A basic Prohibition of sponsorship contracts with companies from the gaming sector is also not effective, after all, such partnerships are important sources of income, especially in times of corona pandemic. After all, the EFL and its clubs are currently collecting around £ 40 million from Sterling (approximately 44 million $ ) of sports betting and other gambling providers.

These partnerships are of enormous importance, especially by the lack of viewer revenue in the stadiums. Numerous clubs are in a economic imbalance and although numerous other industries are financially supported by the state, the football clubs are largely on their own. The EFL was more than disappointed with this:

“At the same time, our members, who contribute almost 500 million pounds of Sterling to the state treasury annually, lost their main source of income for ticket sales indefinitely without a timetable that enables the safe return of fans in stadiums, although in other sectors the return possible. Nevertheless, the clubs continue to fulfill their financial obligations, although other industries are supported in a completely different way. ”EFL, English football league, Press release on the official website of the English football league EFL

Again and again criticism of sponsoring by gaming providers

The government is regularly checked by the government’s cooperation between the gambling sectors and the EFL. For a smooth review, the EFL has among other things to one constructive cooperation with the government obligated. Despite these steps and the advocacy, the sponsorship parties and the EFL are increasingly faced with criticism from the public, but above all from politics.

Resistance to gambling advertising in government circles. The EFL and the providers of gambling and sports betting are increasingly facing resistance from politics in recent years. A reform of gambling legislation from 2005 is sought by the Pers for Gambling group from the British Oberhaus. With this reform, advertising for gambling is to be completely abolished, among other things, in sports. This requirement recently also followed the cross -party Gambling Related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group and called for an advertising ban for the gambling industry on football jerseys.

The extent to which the pressure of politics will lead to a real ban remains to be seen. Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced that he wanted to take the discrepancies into his own hands with his political consultants in order to create a quick and fair solution to the conflict. If she British gambling legislation With regard to the advertising for gambling companies, however, it remains open at first. Serious results are expected at the earliest next year.