DVTM: 3rd Gambling State Treaty in the discussion

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Peter Brandt 19. June 2019

The American Association for Telecommunications and Media (DVTM) invited a panel discussion in Bonn a few days ago at its general meeting. The topic of discussion was the 3rd state of gambling, which is to come into force after the current one has expired in 2021. Guests from politics and gaming industry as well as numerous representatives of the media were guests. Various main topics such as the licensing of online Casinos led to heated debates. Overall regulation and a regulated transition phase are in the sense of the industry representatives.

How significant are the changes in the 3rd Gaming State Treaty for the American Gambling Market? (© image source)

Focus of the planned changes

At the beginning, the State Secretary and head of the State Chancellery of North Rhine-Westphalia, CDU politician Nathanael Liminski, took the floor and referred to The failure of the 2nd Gaming State Treaty and called for a targeted discussion. Together with Christian Gaebler from the SPD, he leads the negotiations to gambling reform and mediates between the federal states. The 3rd Gambling State Treaty should cover the following five main topics:

  • Sports betting
  • Event monopoly
  • Execution
  • Player blocking file
  • Online-Casinos

Dispute of online casinos: opt-in opt-out model the solution?

In addition to the Prime Minister conference in March 2019 In May, the heads of the State Chancellery met at a conference to discuss the points. Especially in the areas of player blocking file, sports betting and event monopoly are fundamental agreements in sight. likewise, a centralized model seems to be the solution to the enforcement problem. the topic of online casinos was also hotly debated. in addition to the federal states of schleswig-holstein and north rhine-westphalia, other federal states are now also ready to introduce uniform overall regulation. for this, especially that Opt-in opt-out model attributed considerable chances of success, which offers the federal states the opportunity to make independent decisions about the online casinos. Liminski said that successful examples of opt-in some federal states could then be a positive role model for the refusal federal states.

Transitional solution by 2021

The American Association for Telecommunications and Media (DVTM) also appeared and advocated for an open discussion between industry and politics. according to the association, which had already made his position public before the conference, a temporary solution was required by the end of the currently applicable 2nd gambling state treaty in 2021, in which the existing licenses for online casinos should remain. representatives of the gambling industry were also similar to the panel discussion that took place. economic knowledge would have to be analyzed in fact and should not suffer from political compromises. According to Prof. Dr. Patrik Sensburg, member of the American Bundestag, are required to protect the American consumer. Renatus Zilles, CEO of the DVTM, also questioned a fundamental ban. Rather, you can take an example of the UK’s Measures for addiction prevention.

The most important points of the DVTM for “Bettertainment” In order to improve and regulate the gambling on the Internet, especially in online casinos, bookmakers or lottery portals, the DVTM summarizes the most important points under a position paper with the title “Betterainment”:

  1. Effective regulation of the concession procedure
  2. Consumer protection and fighting crime
  3. Enforcement and surveillance
  4. Reformation of the lottery monopoly
  5. Immediate transitional regime with a goal of consumer protection

Actions must take place promptly

Renatus Zilles also pointed out that Time is an important factor, after all, the providers of online casinos also need planning security. CDU politician Nathanael Liminski referred to the annual conference of the heads of the state chancellery in Hamburg in September and set them as a gross time. Also said Liminski:

“It is important to create a political consensus for the time after the Gaming State Treaty expired in 2021, in order to then address the interim solution in this way by 2021 on this basis. Everyone involved must weigh up what is desirable and what is possible. However, a country consensus can lead to a better result than the way across the federal government. The countries are finally closer to the market and the consumer through their location. That’s a big advantage.”

Different forms of play

During the panel discussion, the topic also occurred Separation requirement of play forms. the ceo of media merkur gmbh, dr. dirk quermann said that a functioning regulation not only had to look at the implementation, but also on the market. in one of the biggest role models in the area of gambling regulation, the state of denmark, there is also no forced separation of the forms of play. liminski regrets the discussion hardness at this point. a quick solution is not in sight. apart from these fundamental discussions, according to liminski Player protection and a corresponding regulation, however, compatible. The CDU politician promised a nationwide, cross-game blocking file as a solution. In this way, the game access can be completely prevented. A separation requirement of the forms of play would not come into play because the location would no longer be decisive.

Annual conference in September

According to Nathanael Liminski, the 3rd state of gambling is of great importance to keep the federal states together and to achieve a common, cross -border regulation in many points. The current situation would not enable this. The annual conference in September is more realistic and good time for the next step on the way to a corresponding transition solution. So can The Prime Ministers’ Conference in October will be a real successrenatus zilles from the dvtm also cautiously optimistic and referred to an advanced path. renatus zilles from the dvtm also cautiously optimistic and referred to an advanced pathrenatus zilles from the dvtm also cautiously optimistic and referred to an advanced path. An agreement in autumn is quite possible. He hoped for a common end result for everyone involved from politics, gaming industry and consumer.