DSWV welcomes new members

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Maximilian Deininger December 13, 2021

The American Sports Betting Association (DSWV) welcomes two new members with Bildbet and Sportwetten.de. This increases the number of licensed bookmakers that have come together in the DSW to a total of 17. This emerges from the official press release of the industry association.

The Buchmacher Sportwetten.de belongs to the successful and well -known platform Horsewetten.de, which is considered the market leader in the area of horse betting. ((©Jeff Griffith/Unsplash)

Growth for the DSWV

Of the Dawv is this The language tube of the American sports betting industry. With the accession of Sportwetten.de and Bildbet, the voice of the umbrella organization now has even more weight, which has a higher influence.

Both bookmakers are aware of how important a collective appearance is to successfully represent their own interests. Max Konrad, Managing Director of Bildbet, sees the Industry with great challenges And therefore deliberately decided to join the DSWV. As a leading force in the American sports betting segment, the industry association has a role as a . For this reason, it is only logical and consistent to join the DSWV, says Konrad. Together with the other members, they want to strive for a sensible development of the regulation.

Dads. As a umbrella organization of the American sports betting providers, the DSWV has imposed on some self -formulated mantras. These include fair play, economy and player protection.

Image Found on the eponymous Bild newspaperthat cooperates for the American sports betting market with the British traditional bookmaker Betvictor. The merger has only existed in this form since 2020, but was successful immediately due to the large brand name.

Sportwetten.de is driving expansion

Similar to Bildbet, the Sportwetten.de platform is still relatively new in the industry. However, as a subsidiary of listed, she has a lot of know -how and experience. The group is the market leader in Equestrian sportandefinedandandefinedpursues its expansion plans with sportwetten.de. Board of Directors Pierre Hofer looks accordingly euphorically at the inclusion in the DSWV. The outstanding position in racing was wanted to use to expand in the sports betting segment. To achieve this goal, the group is reorganizing.

Growth. Through membership in the DSWV, Hofer is promising economic advantages for sportwetten.de. The umbrella organization helps the future growth of the company.

New reality for the sports betting industry

As a collective force, the DSWV wants to represent the interests of the sports betting industry at various levels. In particular, the focus is on dialogue with politics, which takes place very lively in view of the still young gambling law change through the new state agreement (GlüStV). This has changed the industry in the country and a new era ushered in. There are many different measures that have both regulating and restrictive effects.

Mathias Dahms, DSWV President, therefore strives for a critical but constructive exchange with the political decision-makers and responsible authorities. This is the only way to adapt the gambling regulation in the Federal Republic to the modern and social conditions.

Too strong restrictions. In the opinion of the DSWV President, politicians are not doing a favor due to the extreme monitoring of the online players and the imposed restrictions on the range of gambling. It is more than questionable whether the current approach brought about successful and fair market regulation.

The DSWV considers many of the legal measures to be not expedient, but in some parts sees important and correct changes. One of the main adjustments concerns the American lucky license. Providers of sports betting must apply for a state concession to works legally on the American market to be able to be.

The American license goes hand in hand with various measures that are intended to prevent the emergence of gambling addiction and competition. At the same time, ideal conditions for a Effective fight against addiction be created. Specifically, the GlüStV provides, among other things, deposit limits, restriction of the offer of live betting and mandatory measures for player protection.

DSWV criticizes disproportionality

However, the DSWV sees many of the measures as not proportionate. This is how licensed sports betting providers have to reduce their offer. The new legal framework prohibits so -called “event bets” Almost completely. Before the new GlüstV, it was possible to bet on various live events-such as the next yellow card or the next goal. The legislator sees the form of betting too much impulse incentive and has very limited it. Betting on the increasingly popular e-sports were also drastically regulated.

die Monitoring of the player attitude the DSWV also gets angry. It is not yet clear how the so -called monitoring should work, but there are considerable data protection concerns from many sides.

Protection for players. Monitoring is accompanied by an online demand system that is intended to increase the pressure on the bookmakers and betting portals on the Internet to comply with the legal regulations. Ultimately, the game should be protected more effectively from ruinous behavior.