Drones in horse racing: betting advantage

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Maximilian Deininger 22. October 2021

The use of drones in horse racing causes a lot of resentment among bookmakers and betting operators. As the tech magazine “Wired” recently reported, more and more drone owners would use the flying recording devices for an unfair advantage for sports betting. Especially during the live races, the drones are responsible for a clear distortion of competition, which has been causing an explosive fuel between horse racing runners and drone owners for some time.

Live horse races are shown on the regular TV, which has no relevance due to drones due to a real-time stream. ((©clarencealford/Pixabay)

Real -time streams

Drones are firmly established in society and can now be bought for affordable prices. With the unmanned reception devices, videos, pictures and content can be created that were previously unthinkable. Especially in the film and advertising industry, the flying “camerameners” are indispensable. But also Drones are a popular gadget among private individuals. However, new technical achievements always have any dark side.

According to reports from the tech magazine “Wired”, several organizers of horse races are said to have observed people outside the racetrack of how they with their drones Events in real time streams. Users on the Internet who look at private streams would be in terms of Sports betting have a significant advantage over the viewers of regular TV transmission.

Delay in TV. Most live events are broadcast on commercial television with a delay in order to prevent any form of impairment and to ensure a certain freedom of reaction. Slight delays are the order of the day, especially for live sports events. For example, all games and events of the National Football League (NFL) have been broadcast with Delay since the “Nipplegate” from 2004. At that time, the right breast of singer Janet Jackson was exposed during the half -time show of the Super Bowl.

Especially in horse races, the live streams with drone are a serious problem. In contrast to many other sports, sport is structured in such a way that literally Change everything within a second can. The real-time streams of the flying recording devices would accordingly ensure that the betting customers would still make the smallest changes in front of the bookmakers. As a result, they are able to place tips and bets before a quota adjustment by the betting providers.

Business model in Great Britain?

Horse races are traditionally very popular in Great Britain. It is therefore not surprising that the minds are currently heated on the island. Some “resourceful” British even had drone bets further developed into a business model And made them their job.

One of the most prominent examples is certainly Micheal McCool. According to the British industry media, the former greyhound coach is not a blank leaf in the drone business and would hardly miss a horse race. He not only streams the races for interested betting fans, but also use his drones For his personal betting advantage.

Profitables business. McCool puts almost £ 30,000 a week on live betting, which he picks up and streams himself. He once said to the British press that he does not win a profit of 200 pounds per day. So he not only had to wait regularly to his drones, but also pay for employed employees.

Drone betting not illegal

McCool has been keeping the racetrack owners and bookmakers in suspense since 2019. Meanwhile, other drone owners have also become aware of the unusual and new business model. Nevertheless, the bruised parties could not do much against them of the defendant and unfair property of the drone bets. According to British law, the streams would be drone non -violated law. Even the British gambling supervision UKGC It would not be necessary to switch on this topic.

Equal opportunity. The UKGC recently announced that there were no reasons for intervention. The use of technological aids for faster information procurement should not be sentenced if all players, spectators and betting have the same chance to perceive this advantage. Accordingly, it must be made clear that there are such opportunities.

Loss of control by drone bets

In the eyes of the athletes, the drone bets are responsible for the fact that control over your own business is lost. So the real-time streams of the horse races would be in the long run endanger the entire industry, since this is largely financed by the transmission rights of the regular TV institutions.

Fight against drones. Although justice and gambling supervision are currently granted the drone betting, sports organizers and horse racing railway operators have recently taken action against the business model. So they would always have general flight bans on the day of a race to banish the drones from airspace. In addition, the police have been made for a potential security risk.