Do’s and Don’ts in Casinos

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Lennart folder December 6, 2018

Anyone who is drawn to gambling will sooner or later take a step into a casino. Unlike online gambling, there are some rules of conduct that should be observed. Thanks to our tips, you can take part in the games relaxed. You shouldn’t be afraid to do something wrong. We present the most important do’s and don’s in the casino. But they only learn a lot through experience.

Whether Las Vegas, Hamburg or Rotenburg Wümme, you should behave appropriately in the casino.

If you have never set a foot in a casino, it is almost impossible to avoid mistakes. Experienced players also celebrate a faux pas every now and then. Unfortunately there is no manual for casino beginners, in which every small rule and the code of conduct are listed for gambling. most regulations learn if you take the step into the casino yourself – especially when you commit violations yourself. fortunately, most violations are not punished particularly hard. you can harvest a serious warning or evil looks, but usually nobody will keep your fingers on your fingers if you touch your cards during face-up blackjack. However, some mistakes can affect their profits. therefore it is important to yourself with the Rules of the gamesto deal intensively in which you want to participate. Use free apps in advance with which you can test casino games with play money. Although this is not associated with the thrill of a real casino, this brings you closer to the rules of the game without risk.

Rules of conduct in individual games

In addition, you should consider some rules of conduct, which of course go beyond the rules of the game. We briefly summarize important rules for the following casino games:

  • Slot machine
  • blackjack
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Craps

Typical errors in slot machines

For slot machines, for example, you should don’t play on several slots. on the one hand, the machines all offer the same chance of winning, on the other hand, they do not come into conflict with other players who have rated the place freely. in addition, it does not have to fill the machines for a long timeif you are not in the place. If you only want to snap fresh air briefly or something similar, turn the cup around with jetons so that the other players know that they will be back shortly.

That is not-re- to be roshons.

As already mentioned, you should Do not touch the cards during blackjackif these are openly distributed. In the past, it was actually common for the dealers to hit the guest in such a case. This no longer happens today, but they still receive a warning.

Beginner error in the poker

At the Poker However, there are also some points that you should consider. At first it is not welcome when well -meaning advice are distributed. This is quite acceptable in a home round-even if not all players agree-but frowned upon in the casino. Each player has his own strategy and is reluctant to get out of the concept. So keep your opinion on the best procedure. That can also be have a positive effect on their profits. Likewise, it is not part of asking the enemy cards in the casino. If you want to show your cards, you will show them. If you don’t want this, you also have the right to put them away. Respect this right and do not make yourself unpopular with such requests.

So you should (not) play roulette

With roulette you have to Net the right time of setting. if the croupier has his rake on the table, no chips may be set. in addition, it should be organized according to their value – which also applies to the card games. the jetons with the highest value belong to the stack, so that the teammates can also see how many chips they still have. if jetons are deliberately hidden with high value, this can even be punished.

Beware of this error at Craps

If you try the craps of the dice game, you should make sure to use just one hand. Touching the cubes with both hands is just as forbidden as using other parts of the body – For example, the lucky lips of your companion. This can certainly result in a reference. In addition, the game is interrupted so that the employees can check the cubes for irregularities.

General code of conduct in the casino

Apart from the special games, you should of course also behave appropriately. The following rules of conduct can be helpful:

  • Leave the selfie stick at home: In most casinos, photography is not welcome. This applies especially to other visitors who are reluctant to be photographed for foreign photos.
  • Do not make calls at the tables: In any case, you should leave the smartphone better off during the casino stay. If you have to call T54%, get up from the table so as not to disturb the other guests.
  • Note the dress code: Find out about the dress code before leaving the casino. In many casinos, the dress code is now a bit more relaxed, but in others the rules are a bit stricter. It is usually light for men: shirt, jacket and chic pants. Thanks to beautiful evening dresses, women usually find the right styling for the casino.
  • Drink in moderation: If you want to consume alcohol in gambling, pay attention to a tolerable measure. It’s about fun and that all visitors have a good time. It can not only be uncomfortable for other guests if they drink too much. The losses can also increase unnecessarily.
  • Give tips: In most countries, it is expected to give the dealer a tip. It does not have to be much, but one or two $ after a good profit or five $ , if you leave the table, are quite appropriate and certainly cope with any person who visits a casino.

Simply ask when ignoring

As you can see, a visit to the casino is associated with some rules. But if you Hold the most common rules, nothing stands in the way of a happy and relaxed evening. you shouldn’t be afraid to ask the employees for help. apart from the fact that they should maintain the game, they are there to give them a good time. if you still step into the fat, remember the rule and start the next round.