Doku: Insights in the King’s Casino

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Peter Brandt 17. August 2021

In a Galileo documentary, Leon Tsoukernik, head of the King’s Casino in the Czech Republic, gives insights into his life. The almost eleven -minute contribution looks behind the scenes of the gambling temple and confronts the casino boss with provocative questions. Topics such as security, fraud and gambling in USA are dealt with. But gambling addiction is also taken up by Galileo in the short documentation.

Leon Tsoukernik refrains from the American casino landscape and criticizes the tightening obligation, among other things. ((©Ruthson Zimmerman/Unsplashy)

Case of the King’s Casino

The King’s casino in the Czech Republic is located near the American border in Rozvadov and is considered the greatest gambling temple in Europe. The founder and head of the gigantic casino resort is Leon Tsoukernik, who is relative as part of a journalistic contribution by Galileo Provocative questions about his establishment And generally answered for gambling. He also gives insights into his private life.

Before building the huge King’s casinos in 2003, Tsoukernik his profitable activity as an art dealer After which he laid the financial foundation stone for his gambling temple in the United States. As part of the Galileo documentary, it becomes clear that the casino chef has not lost love for art until today. Numerous antiques, sculptures and art models adorn his gigantic villa, which is just a few kilometers from his casino.

Strong business. One of the first questions from the Galileo team referred to the economy of King’s Casino and which sums Tsoukernik would take per day. According to the casino chef, this question should not be answered across the board, since the sales are daily and would fluctuate accordingly. Everything is possible between 100,000 and 2,000,000 $ . Either way, the money in his casio is constantly on the move.

Image of the gaming industry

The gaming industry is still liable today A bad reputation on. The negative perception by the public was not least From American industry players critically eyed, but also Tsoukernik took on the topic of Galileo of the topic. When asked whether he had no guilty conscience to enrich himself with other people’s gambling addiction, the casino boss tried to defend himself against the accusation.

So he was aware that Gambling addiction a serious topic be and endangered people through their addiction show destructive behavior. Nevertheless, he gave the topic of a certain context and indicated that the overwhelming majority of 95 percent of the players would combine pure entertainment with the casino vision.

Social problems. Tsoukernik blames the five percent of the endangered and addicted players for the bad image of the gaming industry. In his opinion, however, the real problem of the people concerned is not the gambling themselves. Most of the time the behavior is based on social problems or broken family relationships. The gambling then symbolizes a refuge accordingly. Nevertheless, he despises this mechanism, he supports playful people and offers free therapies.

Modern security standards

Experiments and protective measures related to the King’s Casino are also part of the documentation. The players would regularly try to capture easy money using fraudulent stitches. To date, however, are none of the attempted fraud was successful, because the King’s Casino would have the latest security standards. In the Galileo contribution, however, it is not exactly clear what protective measures Tsoukernik is working with in his gambling temple. Only the use of countless cameras can be seen.

Fraud by workforce. According to Tsoukernik, the greatest security risk is their own employees. In a particularly brazen incident, a employee at the time, who worked as a croupier at a roulette table, made an attempt to fraud together with a guest. The corresponding guest always placed his missions after the round had already ended. Nevertheless, the croupier paid the violent profits. Later it turned out that the two fraudsters were brothers.

Criticism of American casinos

Meanwhile, Tsoukernik is sharply criticized the American gaming market. In his opinion, it is primarily about fun when playing in a casino. This is the American casino landscape has long since been lost. The labels, which apply in this country, such as the tightening obligation are no longer up to date and would give the casino experience an “official” grade. However, since the entertainment is in the foreground, each player must be allowed to decide individually which clothing he or she enters a casino.

Uniform regulation. Since the terrestrial gambling in USA is in a state -owned manner, uniform regulations apply in the 65 casinos. In addition to certain labels, there are also regular controls of the casinos, which are carried out without prior registration. Since the King’s Casino is privatized, Leon Tsoukernik does not have to fear such measures.