Dispute between Borgata and Phil Ivey goes into the next round

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Lennart folder 15. November 2018

In the long -term legal dispute between Phil Ivey and the Casino Borgata, there is still no end in sight. It is about game gains of $ 10.1 million, which the poker professional should repay the casino according to a court ruling. The reason for this is so-called edge sorting, which is equivalent to the expenses of the casino. Ivey contested the original judgment, but was obliged to repay. Since this has not yet been done, Borgata now wants to look for the approval of looking for Phil Ivey’s fortune.

Phil Ivey is expected to take the shorter again in the legal dispute.

incidentally, the profit amount dates from 2012. back then phil ivey and his partner cheung yin “kelly” sun cleared the amount at baccarat. one reason for this was the so -called edge sorting. here the players look closely at the cards and can assign their values to the cards by deviations in the back on the back. however, the cards must not be rotated and the players must be able to recognize them carefully. with a mixing machine and a good view of the cards, the employees of the casino fulfilled the requirements. the operator of the borgata casinos in atlantic city only noticed that ivey and sun did edge sorting. due to a case from a london casino, you have become aware of this. phil ivey himself complained to the crockford casino before the supreme court in great britain. poker professional punto banco had played here – another variant of baccarat. however, the casino did not pay the profits of £ 7.7 million because ivey edge sorting applied. the “tiger woods of the poker” also granted the allegations in the process. however, he does not consider this technology to be fraud. however, the court in the uk decided against ivey because it used decisive measures for manipulation. in fact, the poker professional asked the dealers during the game to turn the cards in a certain direction. so the differences in the patterns were better recognizable. the court in new jersey also named this as a reason to declare profits as void. the responsible judge had decided in October 2016that these adjustments made the contract between Ivey and the casino invalid. However, the dispute was not yet over.

Borgata also gains legal dispute against Gemaco

in 2017, ivey announced that he was against this judgment. as long as the legal dispute has not yet been enclosed, he also wants to keep the profits. however, the fact that marina distrress development, llc – the owner of the borgata hotel casino and spa – has not only sued phil ivey, but also the card manufacturer gemaco, delayed the appeal. gemaco was responsible for the incorrect cards and was spoken guilty by the court, but only in one of six cases. due to the fact that the deviations in the decks of gemaco are located in the tolerance limit common at casinos, only the warranty claim is valid. borgata can therefore claim the costs for 32 decks used. total value: $ 26.88. so iveys’s appeal could be tackled. in the revision, iveys’ lawyers led the repayment of the sum significantly damage to his career. however, since the professional played with some highly endowed high-stakes games and tournaments, this argument was little worth. a court in new jersey decided at the end of august that ivey had to repay the profit immediately, even if he followed further appeals.

Borgata wants to collect the money in Nevada

so far, however, it has not been possible to find the money in new jersey. the casino was unable to find the assets of the 10-time winner of a world series of poker bracelets. they identified a bank where ivey had an account, but the enforcement notice was returned with the indication that there was no money. however, phil ivey has received a lot of prize in his career. with the live poker alone, he won more than $ 26 million in tournaments. phil ivey’s biggest tournament sequence is impressive:

  • 1st place in the AUD $ 250k NO-LIMIT HOLD’EM of the Aussie Millions 2014 (prize money: $ 3,573,600)
  • 1st place in the no-limit Hold’em $ 250,000 Challenge of the Aussie Millions 2012 ($ 2,058,948)
  • 1st place in the AUD $ 250,000 NO-limit hold’em event of the Aussie Millions 2015 ($ 1,713,285)
  • 3rd place in the HK $ 1 million NO-LIMIT HOLD’EM SHORT ER Triton Super High Roller Series 2018 ($ 1,700,660)
  • 1st place in the no-limit Hold’em Championship event 29 at L.A. Poker Classic WPT 2008 ($ 1,596,100)

high-stakes rounds, online poker or other casino games are even not listed in this list. ivey’s assets were therefore found in another state. in nevada, in addition to the companies ivey poker, llc and phil ivey enterprises, llc, he has other companies and real estate. this also includes a luxurious house in cabo san lucas, mexico. ivey had also presented this house on his account. according to the lawyers of marina distrinct development, the scope of assets is not very clear. however, the poker professional’s stocks were estimated at around $ 100 million. the determinable assets are mainly in nevada. marina distrinct development is therefore now trying to receive approval to look for phil ivey’s fortune in nevada. it cannot yet be said when the long -term dispute is over.

Phil Ivey back at the poker table

a lot is going on at ivey away from the poker. nevertheless, he remains true to his profession. we have already been able to observe this this year. he has already been able to climb some winning platforms in his career. since the beginning of the poker boom until the end of 2015, he has been poker in the ranks of the greatest players of all time through his perfectionist game. the wsop bracelets were one of the sensational successes, but he also successfully demonstrated his skills at global tournaments and cash games. after the wsop 2014, however, ivey retired from the us tournament scene. in january 2016, he triumphed again at the triton super-high roller tournament in the philippines and won 5th place, which earned him $ 656,500. after that, however, it became quiet around him. after two and a half years of break, he showed that he was still having it on it. in may this year he played at the triton short deck super high roller series in montenegro. at the hk $ 1 million he won third place-prize money: $ 1,700,660-after winning $ 604.992 in the hk $ 250k event. with this run in the back, he also reaches four cashes at the wsop 2018. this was also a ninth place in the prestigious $ 50k poker players championship and one in the main event. here, however, he left 547. however, the last successes show that ivey is still a professional with which you have to expect regardless of the field size.