Despite loosening: arcades, casinos and bookmakers remain tight

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Peter Brandt 29. April 2020

Despite the first loosening of the everyday life limited due to the corona pandemic, gambling facilities remain closed. The decision of the Federal Government continues to put the operators of arcades, betting agencies or casinos. In terms of infection protection, this is currently inevitable. The catering sector, in which slot machines can also be found often, remains tight. Corresponding criticism arises from the economy and the associations, especially because of the apparently unfair evaluation of the actual situation.

The slot machines in casinos, game stores or pubs remain unused despite Corona loosening. ((© Bru-NO/Pixabay)

Remaining restrictions in the gambling sector due to the corona pandemic

The federal government and countries have agreed on the first relaxation measures regarding the restrictions caused by the coronavirus. The restrictions on and distance regulations that were decided in mid -March continue to be valid. However, the economy and the public life should be raised again in order to cushion the gigantic economic damage that has already arisen. Which measures are to be loosened when and how also ensures massive discussions. Difficulties and irritation also arise from the Unequal steps in the loosening in the individual federal states. The federalist decision -making power is repeatedly discussed in the crisis times, since it also stands for unequal market opportunities and the economy continues to put pressure on the economy.

In the first step, business with a sales area of up to 800 square meters will be reopened from this week. However, the opening may only be carried out under strict hygiene measures and requirements. The specified minimum distance of 1.5 meters must continue to be guaranteed. Bicycle shops, car shops and bookstores are not affected by the 800 square meter limit. The size doesn’t matter here. This also leads to incomprehension. Occupers, betting shops or casinos are also excluded from the loosening Like gastronomic companies such as restaurants, bars and pubs. The land -based gambling continues to stand as quiet. The economic damage in the gambling sector is enormous, which is why numerous gambling operators also go to the barricades. They denounce disproportionate unjust decision -making bases.

Complaints rejected by gaming operators. “The closings of the arcades, betting shops and play casinos also hit the gaming operators hard. However, the gradual loosening continues to rule out the gaming sector. Many companies threaten bankruptcy. Therefore, various gambling operators had stored urgent applications in the courts that the prescribed closures were “disproportionate”. However, the Cologne Administrative Court was already rejected on March 23. away. The court announced that the closure of gambling facilities as well as other leisure facilities should remain closed in order to reduce social s to a minimum. This serves to protect everyone. Economic interests of those affected are understandable, but currently the protection of public health would have to be subordinate. ”

Discussion about the possibilities of implementation of infection protection

Tim Hilbert appears on behalf of the gambling operators. He is a legal system of the Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Württemberg automatic associations and had hoped to ensure that game stores, bookmakers and gastronomic facilities with slot machines, as well as retail, be allowed to start again through appropriate damage reports and inquiries. That continued prohibition of opening If he is incomprehensible, after all, it is about ensuring the protection of customers, which would be easy to implement in the established establishments.

“In this step, of course, it would also be existentially for the machine industry to not only be able to put the devices back into operation in the catering trade, but also to be able to open the arcades again. Due to the spatial measures that are legally anchored for arcades, for example in the game regulation, arcades represent a public space that can implement the requirements of infection protection very well. ”

So far, however, all expressions from the gambling sector have had no influence on politics. How long these will endure the current state remains questionable. A possible loosening of the measures in this area is certainly also directly with the Development of the number of infection connected in the next few weeks. By opening the retail trade, this remains difficult to predict.