Demo because of arcade closures

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Peter Brandt 14. June 2021

A demonstration against impending arcade closures took place in front of the Schwerin State Chancellery. The protest meeting in the capital of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania attracted around 200 people from the machine industry. There were no riots, but the expression of displeasure was clear. The trigger is the new Gaming State Treaty (GlüstV), which is due to enter into force in July. This is determined by minimum distances between arcades, which would result in numerous closures of arcades.

The minimum distances between the arcades were the trigger for a demonstration of arcade employees in Schwerin. ((©Mopsgesicht/Pixabay)

Protest before the Schwerin State Chancellery

The new state of gambling (GlüstV), which is due to enter into force on June 1st, keeps the American state parliaments in suspense as well as representatives and professionals from the machine industry. In principle, the planned legalization of the online gambling and its better surveillance should increase player protection and enable long overdue adjustments to a dynamic industry. However, some are Areas and provisions of the GlüStV controversial controversial. The most discussed regulations are certainly those of the planned minimum distances between arcades and the distance to them and the ban on multiple concessions.

In particular, the said minimum distance regulation, which says that arcades must be at least 500 meters from the next arcade and also have to show 500 meters from children and youth facilities, is the focus of criticism. Because exactly this regulation would be given the adoption of the new GlüstV in the state parliament To close more than half of all arcades in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to lead. In order to draw attention to this grievance and to secure their jobs, around 200 people protested in front of the Schwerin State Chancellery. The threat of the arcades take away the threat of the excesses of life, according to the tenor of the event.

In the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania alone, according to representatives of the machine industry, around 600 jobs are affected by the new guidelines. From July 1st, all of them would be before nothing. According to the Schweriner Volkszeitung (SVZ), alone in the state capital Schwerin 13 out of 17 arcades affected by the new specifications and would now have to close. The protest in front of the Schwerin State Chancellery was not the only action in the resistance. Some time ago, those affected in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Petition set up, which can have more than 7,000 supporters to this day.

Petition of representatives of the arcade industry. Representatives from the arcade and machine industry from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania did not miss the opportunity to express their displeasure and put on a petition. In this, the copyright call for the preservation of 600 jobs subject to social security in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, which is acute at risk due to the forced closure of more than half of all arcades in the state. The rigid distance regulations are also not up to date, since the entire online gambling is legalized at the same time. A fair state gambling law must take into account all sides. The petition caused a sensation, not just in the local media. This does not achieve a change or adjustment of the glow.

Implementation of the GlüstV in the state parliament decided

Instead of complying with the demands of the petition and securing the maintenance of jobs, the opposite has happened: the new GlüstV was approved in the state parliament of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in a meeting on yesterday. Strictly speaking, the new GlüstV was already approved beforehand, but it still had to Gambling execution law in the state parliament are approved. This happened due to the sufficient votes of the SPD/CDU coalition-despite multiple and nationwide criticism from the machine industry, affected workers and other parties.

This enables the State Treaty of Gaming to be enforced fully from July 1st. The online gambling game will be legalized in the future. Problematic game behavior is also to be recognized earlier and helped the affected people faster. With the help of a nationwide playing cartey the maximum insert per month to 1,000 $ per player throttled. It doesn’t matter how many different online casinos you play. Thanks to the centralized blocking file and a player ID, this amount cannot be exceeded. The maximum use per game is also limited to one euro. In addition to these certainly sensible limits, which mainly relate to the online gambling game, the fact that numerous people now lose their profession due to the arcades.

Disagreement within the state parliament. Not all politicians in the Schwerin state parliament were for the Gambling Performance Act. Many regulations-especially with regard to online gambling-make sense, but numerous jobs are also at risk with regard to the country-based gambling and the problem of the minimum. The municipal tax revenue also drops due to the closings of the arcades. An application from the opposition left faction with the aim of defusing the minimum cancellations and reducing it to 300 meters, for example, was rejected due to a lack of majority.