Deal between Sportradar and UEFA

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Maximilian Deininger 5. November 2021

Sportradar has completed a betting data deal with the UEFA and thus secured exclusive rights. According to the official press release of the sports technology company, the cooperation applies from the current football season 2021/22 and includes a contingent of 1,550 games. With the deal, Sportradar wants to expand its role as an official UEFA sports betting partner. The European Football Association, on the other hand, hopes for more integrity.

The deal with the UEFA enables Sportradar, among other things, to use the data related to the UEFA Champions League games for its customer base. ((©Taken/Pixabay)

Data rights for sports betting

Sportradar has the exclusive data distribution rights for sports betting through the deal with the UEFA secured from the current season 2021/22. In the future, the global sports technology company may collect the relevant data in numerous competitions of the European Football Association and integrate them into its own network of bookmakers.

Sporttradar. The global sports technology company is considered the market leader in its area and creates immersive experiences for sports and betting fans. The group, founded in 2001, forms the interface of the sports, media and betting industry through its technological know-how. For example, Sportradar offers news media, consumer platforms, sports associations and sports betting providers a number of solutions to expand their business.

The cooperation should continue until the end of the 2023/24 season and include all important tournaments and competitions of the UEFA. As a figurehead serves the Champions League, which represents the most prestigious football tournament on the European continent. In addition to the “premier class”, Sportradar has secured the data distribution rights of the Europa League, Nations League, Europa Conference League and the Super Cup. The deal also includes numerous events from women’s football.

With the deal with the UEFA from the new season, Sportradar has the opportunity to have its global network of more than 900 bookmakers and betting providers to provide exclusive data and information. The European Football Association, on the other hand, can maximize the value of its game data and intensify the worldwide commitment to football fans.

Integrity of the sports betting

As part of the deal, Sportradar and the UEFA become their longstanding Cooperation in the field of integrity expand. In the future, the sports technology group will provide special service that will be listed under the project name “Intelligence & Investigation Services” and should support the UEFA anti-game manipulation department.

Guy-Laurent Epstein, Marketing Director of UEFA, sees an important step in the partnership with Sportradar to More open in with the sports betting sector to kick:

“We are very happy about the partnership with Sportradar, the world’s leading provider of sports data. It follows a long -term cooperation and is based on cooperation in the field of integrity. Similar to BWIN, we have the goal with this partnership to get even more openly with the sports betting sector. At the same time, we want to receive better access to market information and offer support from both a sporty and commercial perspective. ”Guy-Laurent Epstein, Marketing director of UEFA Official press release from Sportradar

In the past, Sportradar supported the UEFA with proven competitive surveillance services that To protect football from game manipulations. In the past twelve years, the group has preserved the integrity of the competitions and tournaments of the European Football Association through its technological know -how.

Security and transparency in the sports betting sector

UEFA has installed a hard regiment over the years to avoid any form of game manipulation and distortion of competition that is based on sports betting. Nevertheless, isolated incidents in the recent past publicity scandals. For example, the English football professional Kieran Trippier banned some friends about his upcoming change Atletico Madrid. These then placed betting with a bookmaker. At this point, the change had not yet been officially announced.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was also targeted by the UEFA anti-game manipulation department. The Swedish superstar was financially involved in a sports betting provider and thus violated the etiquette of the football association.

Cooperation with Sportradar should not enable such incidents and scandals in the future. For this the UEFA relies on maximum integrity In all of their competitions. Carsten Koerl, Chief Executive Officer at Sportradar, is aware of the immense responsibility, but is looking forward to the cooperation:

“Sportradar has more than 20 years of experience in the collection and development of valuable products on which football data is based. We have the skills and resources to support the growth of one of the largest associations in global sport. Football is still the most popular sport in the world and […] We look forward to working closely with the UEFA to support your commitment in the betting industry. ”Carsten Koererl, Chief Executive Officer bei Sportradar Official press release from Sportradar