Daniel Negreanu: Bank of America terminates account of the poker professional

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Lennart folder July 17, 2020

According to his own statements, the world -famous poker professional Daniel Negreanu was terminated his official business account at the Bank of America. In a self -contained statement on the social platform Twitter, Negreanu reported on the process in which the Bank of America allegedly closed its business account without warning. He also warned other professional poker players that they could face the same fate. The exact background of the procedure of the Bank of America is unclear, but it is not the first case in which a serious institution with a gambling player who describes it as his profession together.

Poker professional Daniel Negreanu from Canada no longer has an account with the Bank of America. The trigger is apparently his special profession. ((© Theandrasbarta/Pixabay)

Special exceptional regulations enable live poker again

Canadian Daniel Negreanu is one of the best known and most popular faces in the global poker scene. He has numerous lucrative advertising contracts, has already sechs WSOP-Bracelets (Winning bracelet in the most important poker tournament series in the world, the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas) won and estimated to earn a career prize money of around $ 42 million. Its fan base is huge, which is why the poker professional living in Las Vegas also has an enormous range in social media.

He now took advantage of this and accused the Bank of America on Twitter, his business account terminated without the specification of real reasons to have. He also added the bank letter to his statement. According to its own assumption, the Bank of America seems to want to distance itself from gambling. Since the chances of success for an objection are very low, Daniel Negreanu is currently looking for a bank, which is much more relaxed and open to a poker professional. On Twitter he commented on the entire incident with the following words:

“for information for vegas players who use @bankofamerica. you have concluded my business account by chance without an explanation or an opportunity to object, although there are no unusual activities. i look at the player -friendly bank @lexicon_bank. will keep them up to date … ” – Daniel Negreanu, world famous, Canadian poker professional Profile of Daniel Negreanu on Twitter

Accounts of gambling unpopular at banks

The Canadian poker professional Daniel Negreanu Didn’t get involved in this incident for the first time with his former bank. At the end of 2015, the Bank of America also closed its business accounts. Even then, Daniel Negreanu suspected that the bank wanted to capture the connection to him in order not to be associated with gambling. Although negreanu about an estimated Private assets of around $ 50 million Has, money that comes from gambling activities seem to be anything but attractive for banks.

What are the background for the account failures? After the cruel terrorist attacks on September 11 in 2001 on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, a law called “Patriot Act” was passed, which was to prevent the financing of terrorist organizations. This resulted in numerous closures of accounts of gambling who wanted to transfer yields from gambling with a height of more than $ 10,000. In the course of the “Patriot Act”, these transactions were classified as very risky. In addition, the Operation Choke Point, an initiative by the US Ministry of Justice, was added to 2013. During the operation, banks were particularly examined, which handled so -called risk transactions with other companies such as financial service providers, weapon dealers or gaming companies. In order to avoid this risk and possibly avoid damaging investigations, many connections were cut and accounts were closed.

Just as the circumstances are currently presenting, the possibilities seem to be low for a successful objection. In its business and account conditions, the Bank of America has secured one so that the bank has the right at any time, one To end business relationship with a customer without giving reasons. In the statement on Twitter by Daniel Negreanu, this fact can also be read in the inserted letter from the Bank of America. It remains exciting how Daniel Negreanu will react to the bank’s announcement or act in the future.