Curious bets on President Trump: From aliens to the elevation to the Nobel Peace Prize

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Maximilian Deininger 7. August 2019

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly caused global shaking my head both in his election campaign and in his tenure with crazy actions and statements. Only recently did he ask four democratic congress members, all of the US citizens, to return to their home country. Betting providers around the world have started the curious projects and statements by the US President and have regularly offer new, crazy bets on Donald Trump since then. The bookmakers respond to a possible increase in office, aliens or the Nobel Peace Prize.

Loud and impulsive-this is how US President Donald Trump is known. ((© image source)

Official survey a conceivable scenario

A dark cloud with regard to the Russian affair including choice manipulation over the president is still indulging. As a result, a possible official ceremony procedure has been discussed several times. In addition, Robert S. Mueller, chief investigator in the Russian affair, recently came before the congress, that he could not completely relieve Donald Trump. furthermore, trump asked four female us congressmen to leave the united states because they had no patriotism due to their migration background. numerous democrats then verbally attacked donald trump and criticized him sharply. in the course of this, an office ceremony procedure was again spoken. trump didn’t want to know anything about such steps. the bookmakers see history a little differently and are currently offering bets on a deduction of the US president. The bookmaker Bet365 offers a quota of 3.50 that the term ends early.

Sign from space?

In no country on earth is probably the belief in UFOs and the associated end of the world as pronounced as in the United States. The United States government is often in the crossfire of allegations, since alien researchers like UFO fans accuse the state apparatus, Found the crashed UFOs and have kept secret since then. The focus is on Events of Roswell as well as the flight base area 51, which is strictly closed to people from the outside, behind fences and thick walls of steel are said to be alien technology that is hidden to the public. the myth now has such an appeal that activists have announced a storm on the area of Area 51 – for september 20, 2019. this should finally come to light all secrets. paradoxically, the activists receive no resistance from the us president, but rather a subtle support. in an interview with the news channel fox news, donald trump recorded that although he did not know anything about aliens, he was “open to the activist’s project”. the bookmakers met these statements like a thunderbill, whereupon new curious bets were offered. the betting provider paddy power offers a quota of 21.00 that the us president still announces during this term that External life exists. The tipsters only get one quota of 3.00 that Trump makes the Area 51 openly accessible. This option seems to be seen more realistically by the betting providers.

Betting on the first lady: The first lady, Trump’s wife Melania Trump, also gets attention to the public. So it is not surprising that the first lady’s bookmakers also devote themselves. Rumors about the marriage of the Trumps and alleged affairs also heat up. For many betting providers, you get a quota of 9.00 on the fact that during the first phase of Trump’s presidential phase, it turns out that Melania Trump lives in parallel with another man. But if you really want to take off, you can bet on the extremely unlikely case that Melania Trump will compete against her own husband in the next election campaign. The quota for this event is a sensational 201.00.

Crazy special bets

If the betting odds are not sufficient for an office or the existence of aliens, some bookmakers have a few more specials ready. So you get a betting rate of 51.00 in the event that Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump Get the Nobel Peace Prize togethereven crazier, but also a higher profit can be won with a somewhat extravagant bet. should donald trump come up with the idea and even crazier, but also a higher profit can be won with a somewhat extravagant beteven crazier, but also a higher profit can be won with a somewhat extravagant bet. should donald trump come up with the idea and should donald trump come up with the idea and Let the facade of the white house cover gold colors, the betting provider Paddy Power offers 501 times the bet. Since Trump keeps drawing attention to himself with new actions, the bookmakers will probably not get tired of offering other crazy bets on the US President.