Crown Barangaroo Casino: Opening at the end of 2020?

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Peter Brandt January 22, 2020

The construction of the new Crown Barangaroo Hotel and Casino in Sydney is progressing faster than originally planned. It could be finished at the end of 2020. The new resort is now planning the opening before Christmas. The Crown Resorts are founded and operated by James Packer, a multi-billionaire. According to Forbes, Packer is one of the ten richest Australians, which he also demonstrated through a generous donation due to the devastating bush fire. However, there are currently some private problems and allegations compared to the casinomogul.

In the Australian metropolis of Sydney, the Crown Barangaroo Hotel and Casino are being created with a new luxury address. ((©12019/Pixabay)

A giant in the skyline

The building site in Sydney on which the new Crown Barangaroo Hotel und Casino and the skyline of the Australian metropolis will give new shine, James Packer recently visited personally. The casino operator is extremely satisfied with the rapidly progressing construction work and praised the work of the entire Crown team. Instead of the planned opening in the first half of 2021, the The starting shot possible before Christmas 2020. The cost of the new VIP Casino including a hotel is around $ 2.4 billion (the equivalent of around 2.16 billion $ ).

Pure luxury: the Crown Barangaroo Hotel and Casino. ”The new building in which the Crown Barangaroo Hotel and Casino will be built protrudes with its 75 floors beyond the remaining buildings of the metropolis of Sydney. In addition to the luxurious 6-star hotel area, a penthouse will also be available. With an estimated purchase price of $ 100 million, this will become the most expensive penthouse in all of Australia. The state -of -the -art VIP Casino will house expected 480 gaming tables, where, among other things, roulette, baccarat and black jack are offered. In addition, a special poker room will come. ”

Record donation from James Packer

However, the surprisingly positive and great progress in the construction of the project are currently overshadowed by the devastating bush and forest fires in Australia. For the Australian nature and the wildlife located there, the fires are a super-gau. The Packer family felt committed to the Crown Casino one donation of a total of five million Australian dollars to help. It is The largest individual donation so far. James Packer commented on the big donation as a contribution to help. He stated:

“My family and crown endeavor to do more, and the best way we can do is to significantly increase our donation. We hope that these funds will make a small contribution to supporting our firefighters and relieve the suffering of the people who have lost their home, as well as that of the poor wildlife that is trapped in the flames. We just want to make our contribution. ”

Casinomogul is under pressure privately

A positive reporting through the large donation and clear progress in the construction of the new Crown Barangaroo Hotel and Casinos are certainly a soothing change for James Packer. At the moment, the multi-billionaire sees himself more regarding his private person and with the company Crown Allegations and accusations confronted. Too aggressive marketing strategies ensured that Crown retreated from outside of the Asian gaming market.

In addition, the company was criticized by massive accusations. These included in addition to the possible Connection to organizations from the criminal milieu also money laundering and drug trafficking. These allegations not only drew wide circles in the local press and could now even endanger the planned sale of 20 percent of James Packer’s company shares in his former joint venture partner Lawrence Ho.

Due to the allegations, the Australian gambling authority, the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA), are already on January 21 officially initiated investigations. Possible violations of the license specifications should also be examined here. If these lead to tangible results and thus a lawsuit against James Packer, his position and presence on the Australian gaming market should change massively in no time.

However, one appears Full license loss for the new Crown Casino in Sydney But rather unlikely. However, the supervisory authority could insist on stricter and extended conditions. It remains to be seen which result and whether the completion of the mega project can still be completed this year.