Croupier: Student job in Spielbanken

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Peter Brandt 25. August 2021

Students work more and more than croupiers in casinos and thus become part of the gambling world. In Wiesbaden and Bad Homburg it is already common that students take over the game management on the roulette, blackjack and poker tables. Working as a croupier is associated with high demands that are brought closer to student jobbers in a six -week training.

In a six -week course, the students are taught the standards for mixing card. ((© Viladsau/UNSPLASH)

Casinos with high expectations

Most terrestrial Spielbanken in USA embody the luxurious and elegant touch of traditional casinos. Similar to the United States, a visit to the local Gambling houses connected to certain labels, to which not only the guests, but also the employees have to stick to. Accordingly, working as a croupier is not only limited to the game on the tables. It is also about interpersonal skills.

The casinos therefore place high demands on their croupiers. The students have to do justice to expectations, otherwise it will be difficult to get the job as a game manager. According to many student jobbers, at least two languages are the basic requirements. In addition, a six -week courseto internalize the processes and the tasks at the gaming tables. Card values, regulations and mixing standards include part of the teaching material.

However, the entire effort would be be financially worthwhile. The hourly wages were usually 17 $ . Tipped in the form of Jetons is also common. In addition to the financial remuneration, it is also an exciting work for many student jobbers to work in a casino.

Clothing regulations. The labels of the national casinos include a dress code that the croupiers also have to adhere to. In most casinos, men wear a black jacket or vest with a white shirt and black fly. A white blouse and a black neckerchief are intended for female croupiers. Whether rock or pants can usually be decided yourself.

Students are tested

In the six -week courses, the students are already put through their paces. Whether the respective candidates are safe and quick in mental arithmetic is still one of the default capabilities. That is much more important Reaction in extreme cases. How do the students behave when a customer has an outburst of anger or becomes physical? In this context, self -control and courtesy are two important factors that future croupiers have to bring.

Final examination. At the end of the six -week training, two exams are on the plan. Whoever exists can go to the gaming tables. From here the job really starts. The students are equipped with the necessary tools, but the essentials that the profession as a croupier brings with it only learns a professional when he sits at the table.

High responsibility

Croupiers not only have to understand their craft, but also have interpersonal skills. Since the profession demands human interaction at any time, one is one social streak important. Because as a croupier, the students will have a high level of responsibility. Most guests are able to process money losses properly and show healthy playing behavior, but there are also exceptions.

The students must be able to recognize striking game behavior. Most of the time, guests are nervous or even aggressive in such a case. They demand quick payouts and are impatient. In the worst-case scenario, this behavior rocks up to a gambling addiction to some players. For this reason, most casinos have a special eye on their regular customers. Because gambling addiction does not suddenly develop, but comes creeping. It applies that To identify early warning signals and report them.

Sensitization for gambling addiction. In USA, gambling addiction is already taken very seriously by law. In practice, the casinos go one step further and focus on the training of their staff so that the young colleagues get a feeling for the topic at an early stage.

Expansion of the target group

The gaming industry has not only been since the new Gambling State Treaty in change. Apart from the legal realignment The demography of the player also changes. As a result, the image of the casinos has shifted. Classic gaming tables are usually still occupied by “older” guests, but slot machines and slots are particularly popular with younger people. Poker and Black Jack are also becoming increasingly popular with the younger audience. In order to adapt to demographic change, the casinos also rejuvenate themselves in their own ranks. Qualified students as croupiers fit perfectly into the picture.