Criticism of VIP program in online casinos

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Peter Brandt 20. November 2019

Player protection institutes again criticize VIP programs of British online casinos. The offensive advertising for VIPs is intended to promote pathological game behavior. However, the criticism is not new, but a report from the British daily newspaper “The Guardian” reveals new details on the VIP programs. British online casino providers could now get into trouble.

Financial, glamor and extravagant special treatment can expect financially strong VIPs in online casinos. Therefore, British casino providers could now have problems. ((©Grizzlybear-se/Pixabay)

VIP programs are supposed to attract high rollers

Anyone who is only in the online casino scene will inevitably be used by so-called The VIP programs have heard. Many casino providers from the Internet use these programs to address a specific customer group and motivate them to play in the casino.

If players get access to the respective VIP program of the online casino, this can be worthwhile. Lucrative game bonuses, discounts, vouchers or even cash bonuses important casino customers can definitely expect. Of course, such gifts are not very unselfish. The purpose of these gifts is to strengthen customer loyalty.

Because clearly casinos make money from players who take part in the respective games of chance of the online casino, be it poker, blackjack or roulette. Especially High sales are of course through high scooters Generated, that is, those people with Operations in the four- or even five-digit range Go to the gaming table. Online casinos refer to these customers as VIPs and develop the VIP programs specially tailored to wealthy people in order to bind these players as long-term as possible.

British gaming market on the test bench

So far, VIP programs have been a problem for nobody and were generally used as legitimate marketing strategies from online casinos viewed. In the UK, however, this could now change sustainably, because due to numerous legal and political upheavals, the entire British gaming industry is currently being put to the test. In the course of this, consumer and players in particular deal with the industry, including online casinos.

What are the challenges of the British gaming industry? “In principle, economic growth on the British gaming market can be seen, but increasing sales and player number also increases competition. In particular, online casino providers have to always start more lucrative advertising campaigns. In addition, politics is currently trying to regulate the market more, for example through advertising restrictions. The upcoming Brexit also fueled the fear of losing customers in many online casinos. ”

So now the VIP programs should be on the collar, at least when it comes to the opinions of many consumer and player protection organizations from Great Britain. Already in August of this year An investigative TV report from the BBC a critical look at the VIP programs of British online casinos. A Newspaper report from “The Guardian” Now reopen the topic and presents casino providers with major problems. According to the report, the number of consumer complaints against online casinos in recent years has also increased rapidly.

“We urge the industry to know its customers, and part of this is possibly a good sign because this (the report of complaints. Not. Editor) indicates that consumers demand more from gambling providers. And I would like to encourage you to continue to do so. ”Neil McArthur, CEO the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC)

As if this wasn’t enough, it was also the same Responsible Gaming Week A meeting of politicians and organizations as well as representatives of the gaming industry, in which important aspects for responsible gambling are discussed at regular intervals. Many online casino providers recently committed themselves to the To lower operational limits and thus do more for player protection, however, “The Guardian” reveals that many British online casino providers continue to search for personnel who are able to address and acquire VIP customers. The concern is justified when you see how other countries are. In Macau it can result in reports come to the use of algor hitmento maximize the profit.

Player protectors are calling for consequences

Consumer and player protectors do not want to accept this. Many online casino providers show the accusations, Public job advertisements However, it is relatively clear that at least some online casinos will continue to invest in their VIP program. For example, in the job application for a “VIP leadership employee” of the online gambling provider “Gala Bingo” it says that it is one of the tasks of the employee to increase the “lifetime value and the contribution contribution of the VIP player group”. It is particularly negative here that the job description clearly demands that customers or players tempt more and higher operations.

“This advertisement is particularly scary – the end of the“ lifetime value ”of a player for the company can be the end of the player’s life. The ruthless practices of these gaming companies aim to maintain and increase the dependency. Suicide correlates strongly with gambling addiction. ”

This example is particularly explosive, since Gala Bingo officially one Subsidiary of GVC Holdings is. This group of companies has been fighting rising complaints for a few months due to alleged violations of player protection guidelines in gaming business.

There is currently nothing to know about these allegations. It remains to be seen how long British gaming companies can continue to drive their VIP programs. Either Meanwhile, private individuals as well as public organizations have announced that it would submit a lawsuit, to finally prohibit VIP programs legally.