Criticism of gambling

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Peter Brandt 23. June 2021

Dr. Daniel Henzgen, board member of the Löwen Group, criticizes the negative attitude towards gambling. In an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS), the entrepreneur is visibly frustrated by the continuing stigmatization of the industry. The call of gambling has deteriorated in recent years, which the Löwen board member could not understand. Gambling has always been part of the human history.

Dr. Daniel Henzgen fears that many measures of the new State Treaty will miss their intended effect. ((©StockSnap/Pixabay)

Social discrimination

Public perception was rarely benevolent to gambling. At least that’s how Dr. Daniel Henzgen the social position of the industry. In an interview with the FAS, the board of the gaming company Löwen Entertainment has now taken out to be all -round and the growing anti -game against its industry heavily criticized. His displeasure is directed against the public and the political decision -makers. In his opinion, the latter would be completely wrong with some measures by the new State Treaty (GlüstV).

First and foremost, however, he is concerned with increasing stigmatization, which is equivalent to social discrimination. Socially, it is not at all tolerable that visitors to arcades are stamped as failed. One The arcade is a place of equality, on which people can move freely and without resentment regardless of their social status or other characteristics. Accordingly, Henzgen does not understand why arcade visitors and actors in the gambling industry are increasingly victims of resentment.

Löwen Entertainment. The Löwen Group was founded and developed in 1949 and developed, produced and expelled money play equipment among the two multi-of-maker brands Novo and Crown. Over time, the company has expanded its product portfolio and its services. Among other things, the group offers software solutions for the networking of play equipment and access control systems in arcades.

Criticism of restrictions and prohibited

Dr. Daniel Henzgen is not a supporter for strict regulations and complete bans. This made the Löwen board unmistakably clear in an interview with the FAS. Especially when it comes to sensitive topics such as gambling or alcohol, a state ban is not useful – on the contrary. Much more an unregulated and dangerous black market would be created. Last but not least, that has the Prohibition in the United States shown.

people could not prevent state restrictions from consuming alcohol. this not only inspired the black market, but also heralded the birth of the mafia. so far one is not yet in USA, but the strict gambling regulations would show a clear tendency. according to henzgen, many areas within the industry are already appropriately regulated. legal adjustment is counterproductive. so be among other things The slot machine game strictly regulated. The loss is limited to 60 $ and the profit to 400 $ per hour. Any periods would also prevent any loss of control. Young people and endangered players would have no access to gaming machines at all.

Control is essential

No topic has been ascertained in the past few weeks and months as the new Gaming State Treaty, which will completely re -ign the industry from July 1, 2021. However many players of the new legislation are critical of – So also Dr. Daniel Henzgen. Although he welcomes the planned blocking file because she shooters at risk of addiction, the monthly deposit limit of 1,000 $ would make no sense for the online gambling. The Löwen board is of the opinion that pathological players would have to be kept completely away from gambling. The other part of the player, on the other hand, is able to regulate their financial investment into gambling.

Gambling State Treaty. The new gambling legislation is recorded with mixed feelings, as it heralds a liberalization and legalization process within the industry on one side, but on the other hand it entails many restrictions and restrictions. Many actors see urgency in areas such as player and youth protection, but measures such as minimum distances or deposit limits would miss the expediency.

Disputable item is also the tax of 5.3 percent that are added to the operations from the online gambling. Henzgen sums up that this creates much lower distributions for the players who would make the legal range of games more unattractive. There is a risk that many gamers due to the higher profit opportunities switch to illegal online casinos could. Even some political decision -makers would High taxation considered a discussable measure.