Raid orgy on arcades

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Peter Brandt 25. May 2023

In the past few days there have been numerous attacks in arcades in USA. Both in the north and west of the Federal Republic, the responsible police authorities reported criminals in any venues. A total of five incidents occurred. Since all suspects are still fleeting, the police ask for help from the population. A public investigation has already been initiated in some cases.

In the robbery on a arcade in Eutin, the suspect threatened an employee with a firearm. ((©Thomas Def/Unsplash)

Couple captured 2,000 $

Robbery overfall or other criminal activities of similar nature usually occur in the protection of darkness. A couple from Neubrandenburg did not seem to be particularly interested in this fact and A playground attacked on the bright day on the bright day in the district town.

According to the local police, a woman and a man entered the venue in the riding arena of the municipality in the afternoon. The person present was lured by the man to the toilets that are located in the back of the arcade. Once there, the suspect threatened the employee with a weapon -like object and took the key to the cash register. The employee was then locked up in the sanitary facilities. All in all the couple captured around 2,000 $ and took the escape.

Robbery is increasing. Occuptions have always been a popular destination for robberies. In recent years, however, the offenses have suffered massively. According to the Federal Criminal Police Office, a total of 94 raids on arcades were registered in USA in 2021. The current year is on the best way to far exceed this value. The density of crimes in the past few days alone would mean an increase of almost 400 percent in the event of a representative extrapolation.

Potential serial offenders in Schleswig-Holstein

That Gambling and Schleswig-Holstein There are actually wells, but there were two arcades in the northern state within a few days. The two incidents occurred in the immediate vicinity. The police therefore assume a serial offender who Selected venues for his robbery. According to the official press release, the suspect is a 30-year-old man who measures a height of about 1.75 meters.

The perpetrator initially struck in the Stockelsdorf. In contrast to the couple from Neubrandenburg The man waited patiently until the shop closes And, using a pepper spray, got access to the arcade, belonging to the “Admiral” group. He captured both the money from the cash register and the wallet of the employees, who finished the premises of the venue. The perpetrator then fled on foot.

Fahnung in vain. The employee of the “Admiral” game hall immediately alerted the police after the crime, who searched for the perpetrator in a column. Even a search dog was used. However, the search was unsuccessful.

A few days later, an attack occurred again in a arcade. In Eutin, around 30 kilometers from Stockelsdorf, a man entered the “Spielstübchen” arcade, which is located in the center of the city. At that time, an employee was about to close the venue. The perpetrator used the favor of the hour The employee threatened with a firearm And asked them to hand over cash from the cash register.

However, not everything went according to plan because the Cash already closed secured was. In order not to go out completely empty on his robbery, the woman’s perpetrator snatched her jewelry and handbag.

Raid in North Rhine-Westphalia

A arcade was also attacked in the west of the Federal Republic. The fact occurred in Hagen in North Rhine-Westphalia. Three men who entered the venue after business is considered the suspects. Before that they had the Employee threatened with a weapon And she took the key to the facility. In the arcade, they emptied the cash register and took the daily revenue itself.

However, the three men were not unobserved during their robbery. So they became From video surveillance Captured, which sent the arcade owner the attack in real time. The operator alerted the police during the crime gear, who met the three men when they left the arcade. However, these managed to flee. Now the officers are looking for the perpetrators and hope for the help of the media and the population.

Characteristics of the perpetrators. The police authority in Hagen has created search profiles for the three suspects and released them for media publication. The three robbers are estimated at about 20 years. One of the men is described as slim, another as massive. The third man meanwhile has a striking accent that makes him almost incomprehensible.