Corona: US union practices casino criticism

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Peter Brandt 22. April 2020

Despite promises, casino employees in the United States let their employers down during pandemic. Now the union reports. The responsible US union for casino and catering businesses named Unite HERE had commented on the current situation in a recently held and public press conference. The focus of the criticism was in particular casinos from Las Vegas, Atlantic City and New Orleans, which despite previous promises do not pay out wages to the majority of their workforce. Many employees are now facing economic ruin.

Las Vegas lives from gambling. This also applies to local employees of the casinos who are currently suffering from pandemic – if usually only financially. ((©neufal54/Pixabay)

An entire industry and its employees before ruin

Realistically, despite an increasingly negative development in the United States, it has not seemed to have been endangered in addition to individual companies. Especially not this for a historically important and financially strong industry as that Gambling in Las Vegas considered possible.

The present has taught many people better. Already in March he saw itself Governor of the US state of Nevada In addition, to close all casinos in Las Vegas until further notice. Since then there has been ghostly calm on the otherwise sleepless night.

Only the fact that the American gambling metropolis may no longer awakened at all may not be even more scary. Because not only colorful lights and fountains, casino buildings and hotel complexes are needed for gaming. Labor staff.

Experienced and well -trained staff for casinos, gastronomic companies and hotels could soon no longer exist. Because since the casino operation was discontinued in Las Vegas, the tourists have to stay away and hotels are closed Most of all workers working in Las Vegas no longer receive wages.

What is the current situation of gambling employees in the United States? ”In the meantime there are relatively many different projections and forecasts that are particularly concerned with the economic consequences of Corona pandemic. The Nevada Resort Association recently dealt with Nevada in a report. The result of the investigation was terrifying. Almost 160,000 people would probably lose their jobs if tourism in the state alone failed for one to three months. In other states, there is no much more positive picture for the future. For example, 95 percent of all employees from Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Louisiana, Mississippi and California, which are part of the gaming industry, are already receiving no salary at all. ”

Union steps in – and complains

The situation for companies and their employees is becoming increasingly serious, especially in the catering and gambling industry and especially in the US states and cities that dependent on the income of the casinos, restaurants and hotels are. Many big names from the American casino company had already had a while ago Financial aid requested by the government.

These funds should be used, among other things, after provision, employees of the respective company Continuation of partial payments of your normal content to be secured in order to avert the non -reversible financial collapse. The situation is particularly precarious because many affected Americans have no access to unemployment benefit or similar social benefits and could end up on the street in extreme cases.

In view of such prospects, Unite Here, caused by the US union of the casino and catering acquisition, to come into public and make concrete claims. Debra Jeffries, employed in a US casino and member of the union, put her situation and that of her colleagues in a news magazine after her employer had only paid out a fraction of her wage due:

“That won’t help us, we have to feed our families, we have to bring food to the table. We are destroyed, both emotionally and financially. ”

Mostly disappointed casino assistant

In the press conference, the union explained what is ultimately a main problem within the persistent crisis. Because Unite HERE had already made several suggestions in the recent past how workers and employers could work together on a solution to the economic problems. Among other things, it was proposed to all employees to pay at least a complete wage for the time being and only subsequent payments to be implemented below.

As was now known, however, only two casinos, that Wynn Resorts und las Vegas Sands, accepted the proposal of Unite Here and showed her accommodation. All other casino companies rejected or did not respond to the union’s proposals at all-even though some companies had already received financial aid.

“These large casino companies like to talk about loyalty and social responsibility, but they sacrifice their employees to stick to their wealth while we are in one of the greatest crises that we have ever experienced as an industry and as a nation.”

Many long-time casino employees and union members are therefore shown Disappointed by your employer And see the going to the public as the last way to avert the worst possible case.