Corona: US casinos demand financial aids

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Peter Brandt March 20, 2020

Due to the danger from the coronavirus, American casinos are facing out and demand financial support for the lack of visitors. In the meantime, almost all casinos in the United States had to completely adjust the operation and close the doors. The economic stability of most US casinos can therefore not be maintained for long. In order to avoid the economic collapse, the lobby now demands financial aid from the state.

How much money will be necessary to preserve US casinos from the economic end cannot yet be quantified. ((©PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay)

Coronavirus threatens US happiness industries

If there is an industry in the United States that is stable and is growing economically at all times, regardless of what events are going on in the US states or the world, then it is gambling. The glittering one has always appeared Las Vegas with its numerous casinos In the middle of the Nevada desert as a place where the clock ticks differently.

But that is now over. In the meantime, gambling companies or casinos in the United States have to admit that the coronavirus and its effects themselves have to be for the gaming industry to a existence -threatening phenomenon has become.

How much are the United States affected by the Coronavirus? “In the United States, too, efforts are made to contain the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. On the last Monday, however, the news portal “USA Today” announced that 4,600 people have already been registered up to that point demonstrably infected with Covid-19 became. As in other countries, pandemic also results in economic damage, which is why the US government has already promised financial aid to the shipping and flight industry in order to secure their economic existence and consequently millions of jobs. ”

That is why the American gambling association has now American Gaming Association (AGA), turned directly to politics and asked for financial help. How drastically the situation actually is, it becomes clear when you look at the statements of the association. Accordingly, it is only a question of a few weeks before the entire gambling or casino industry collapses in the USA.

Standing in casinos: millions of jobs in danger

What started in Macau, continues in the USA: In the meantime, almost every casino in the USA-not only in Las Vegas-has been closed and has fully set the company-understandable, ultimately casino halls are usually close to numerous people , currently a great danger. However, this also means that sales in all US casinos are zero. Casino employees have already been released Or are on leave and fear for your job.

But also States or cities are economically weakened, especially in Las Vegas, where almost exclusively gambling and casinos finance administrative companies, the standstill in the arcades, the unoccupied beds in the hotels and empty places at the show events could have sustainable negative consequences.

The AGA’s reputation according to financial help is all the more urgent. Current is from 1.8 million jobs We are talking acutely if funds are not directly provided by the state to finance the preservation of the casinos.

“Since the governments of the US states close the casinos as part of the urgent public health measures against Covid-19, the selected leader should also take measures as well to support the workers and companies that will bear the main burden of these effects (… ). Our top priorities are measures that provide liquidity so that we can support the employees. ”

However, it is not clear what sums it is. The fact that the auxiliary funds will not be peanuts even for the United States should be clear, one looks at the value of the US happiness industry. It is estimated that this should be circa 260 Mrd. US-Dollar lie.

Trump’s closeness to the gaming industry An advantage?

The past of US President Donald Trump already points out that hope for financial support is not too absurd. As is known, Trump was before his political career himself Casino operator in Atlantic Cityif ultimately not successful.

Nevertheless, old companions who are still working in the casino business were one of the greatest supporters of the current president during its last election campaign, including names like Steve Wynn oder Sheldon Adelson, the current boss of Las Vegas Sands. Meanwhile, their casinos are still among the very few who have not yet fully set their business.

“The health, safety and livelihood of our team members and their families is our most important consideration right now. Our property remains open and we will continue taking the recommended precautions necessary to keep our team members and guests safe.”